One Medical Passport Software

One Medical Passport is a cloud-based solution to help ambulatory surgery centers streamline operational workflows and improve patient engagement via text, video, and email. Outpatient surgical procedures can see constant improvement thanks to the solution, which benefits not only patients but also employees and physicians. 

The software allows administrators to monitor facilities, assign jobs to staff members, and regularly track and update patients' health status.  

One Medical Passport Software Key Features  

One Medical App 

The members can access free virtual care around the clock and from worldwide, thanks to the One Medical app. Help is available whenever you need it, whether you want a prescription to be refilled, treatment for a common health problem such as the flu, or have a follow-up question after your consultation. 

Virtual Therapy and Coaching 

The therapy and coaching program integrates with your primary care at Med One. This ensures that your body and mind are getting the best care possible. The Medical One team can get you going quickly. They'll do all the work for you by matching you with the right provider and making a plan that fits your needs. In addition, you will have video appointments with your therapist or coach. Only certain places offer therapy, but coaching is available everywhere. 

Chronic Care Management 

Impact by One Medical is a multidisciplinary chronic care management program developed to handle a patient's entire health journey within the context of primary care. The impact can assist employees in managing their chronic ailments and in preventing the development of new conditions by combining longitudinal high-touch care, education, and health navigation with an integrated technology platform. One Medical's patient-centered, team-based approach to chronic care management addresses various conditions, from diabetes to hypertension, all in one location. 

One Medical EHR Pricing 

The company does not publicly disclose Medical One urgent care software pricing. However, you can always contact the seller directly to get a specific quote.  

EHR Software Demo 

The Med One urgent care demo is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on experience with the software in its natural environment. During the demo, you will have the chance to go through the various features and determine whether they meet your requirements. In addition, you can contact the provider to arrange a One Medical Passport demo


Users love how they can customize and modify all aspects of their practice in the One Medical app. The Big Board is the most popular feature because it keeps the families informed about how the patient is doing during their stay. You can dig deeper into the pros and cons of the software below. 

Our Thoughts  

One Medical Passport is a safe and secure online solution controlled by the patient and gives information about their medical history. The software relieves you of unneeded stress and the burden of administrative work, allowing you to direct your attention solely toward giving high-quality medical attention to your patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does One Medical Passport software offer an API?

No, One Medical Passport Software does not provide an API for its users.

Does One Medical Passport Software support mobile devices?

No, One Medical Passport does not support mobile devices.

What languages does One Medical Passport Software support?

One Medical Passport provides support for the following languages: English.

What level of support does One Medical Passport Software offer?

One Medical Passport offers the following support options: Phone support, chat, email/help desk, and FAQs/forum.<

Who are the typical users of One Medical Passport Software?

Following are the typical users of One Medical Passport: Self-employed, small businesses, and mid-size businesses.

One Medical Passport Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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