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Open Dental Software is a user-friendly open-source practice management solution that caters to small and large dental practices. The software is built with web-based features that help users enhance efficiency and productivity for patients and providers. It offers extensive training resources, excellent technical support, and a supportive online community of users. Using Open Dental Software, users can automatically send appointment reminders to patients through emails and text messages. Patients can also confirm their appointments electronically. Not only this, the software also includes a chart module that enables providers to enter and organize clinical information.

The platform comes with a mobile app that allows users to manage appointment schedules and view patient information anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. As per Open Dental Software Reviews, the software provides complete control over patient data at all times, by providing access to the MySQL database. This helps when users want to create customizable reports or transfer data to another system. It is made by a dentist with the aim to provide complete data control in the hands of the user. Other features of the software include graphical reporting, e-prescribing, and integration with 3rd party applications. Users can also request an Open Dental Software Demo to get a complete overview of the solution.

The software includes a feature called Web Sched that helps practice staff manage patient scheduling effortlessly. Web Sched consists of three components: ASAP scheduling, recall appointment scheduling, and new patient scheduling. Open Dental Software also allows users to send automated appointment reminders to patients, reminding them of their upcoming appointments. There are two types of appointment reminders that users can send to patients: eConfirmations and eReminders.

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The software is easy to use and offers in-depth features that use technology to stay current with innovations.

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Their user interface is very basic.

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