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OptimisPT EMR features an extensive list of useful features for people who want a scientifically driven system of rehab therapy management. You can optimize the practice through real-time data to generate analysis. The billing process is also simplified with alerts, analytics, and reports to generate accurate numbers. The billing options are also designed to fit medical practices of different sizes.  

OptimisPT Key Features 

Easy Scheduling  

With OptimisPT it is easier than ever to schedule meetings within minutes. Built-in functions such as alerts, reminders, and notifications enhance interaction with clients. Checking visual cues is a few clicks away, and you can automate emails as well as texts. The collect tool provides the ability to schedule and collect Co-pays with the help of automated alerts too. Therapists are further facilitated with the ability to maintain their schedules, create task lists, and manage workflows, and patient authorizations with the dashboard on Home Page. 

Manageable Documentation  

One of the many brilliant features of OptimisPT software is that there are embedded clinical decision support. In fact, you can further improve medicating practice with evidence-based practice patterns to help you make the best medical plan for your patients. Eventually, you can document the results as consistent with professional standards. Besides the built-in prompts, you are able to integrate Medicare documentation which is initially required to make treatment notes and evaluations. You are also able to personalize the experience with text templates and patterns suited to your needs.  

Patient Portal 

The patient portal provided by OptimisPT EHR improves efficiency because patients can enter the information they require for further assessment. This can include information such as demographics, contacts, insurance, medical history, and demographics. The paperwork is entirely digitized further as you can load as well as upload signed documents through the patient portal. It can also be helpful for your staff as they can manage appointments with a few clicks. The patient entries are managed through the portal as well so you can keep check and balance of the patients who provide their information.  

OptimisPT Pricing 

You can generate a private quote for OptimisPT pricing by providing a few integral details such as your area of specialization and the number of doctors who will be using the platform.  

Software Demo 

If you are intrigued to learn more about software, you can request a demo after entering some essential details regarding the nature of your job.


Overall, OptimisPT reviews declare that it is a great choice for managing rehab therapy documentation, scheduling, and billing medical bills. It is generally rated higher than other  

Our Thoughts 

The software is a useful tool for medical staff seeking a platform to streamline documentation, billing, and scheduling. It functions as a one-stop shop where you can ensure Medicare compliance as you can integrate the right information. You also need not worry about third-party payers' policies or professional guidelines as the software adheres to the necessary principles of medical care. 

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