PayGround simplifies healthcare payments for patients and providers, offering a platform that enhances efficiency and satisfaction. With features like online payments, automated communication, and EHR/PM integration, it tackles billing complexities. Start empowering your practice today by reading the full profile and scheduling a demo!

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What Is PayGround?


PayGround is a cloud-based healthcare payment network designed to simplify and streamline the payment process for patients. It caters to a wide range of users in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and individual patients. Moreover, it allows patients to easily manage, track, and pay all their medical bills in one place.

For healthcare providers, PayGround is a modernized payment platform that reduces costs, simplifies internal processes, and enhances patient and employer satisfaction. Some of the key features of PayGround include online payments, automated texts/emails, unlimited digital requests, payment reminders, and EHR/PM integration.

By addressing the familiar pain points of confusing and overwhelming medical billing systems, the software aims to improve the user experience for both patients and providers.

What Is PayGround Best For?

The software stands out in the market for its ability to simplify and streamline the payment process for both patients and healthcare providers. Unlike many of its competitors, PayGround is specifically designed to handle healthcare billing, navigating the strict regulations around merchant services that often make digital payments in this sector challenging.

PayGround Pricing

PayGround pricing plans are separated into three categories:

  • Free
  • Go
  • Pro
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PayGround Integrations

While the specific software it integrates with is not explicitly listed, PayGround's platform is designed to handle data to and from disparate billing systems. Furthermore, PayGround offers an API that enables healthcare organizations to directly integrate with the PayGround platform. Thus, providing organizations with payment-processing capabilities within their existing platforms without disrupting the patient's current experience.

How Does PayGround Work?

This section will act as a guide for you to understand how to use PayGround:

  • Sign up or log in on the PayGround platform using your credentials
  • Access the dashboard to manage your healthcare payments and add new payees
  • You can link your bank account to accept payments via ACH
  • Click the online payments tab to set up a channel or create a custom-branded online payment page
  • Send automated texts/emails and unlimited digital requests via text and email
  • Set up automated payment reminders to ensure timely payments
  • Integrate PayGround with existing EHR/PM systems for efficient data transfer
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Who Is PayGround For?

PayGround is designed for healthcare businesses of all sizes and is suitable for various departments within the healthcare sector, especially those dealing with billing and invoicing.

Is PayGround Right For You?

PayGround has been recognized for its innovative healthcare payment platform that connects patients and providers all along. Also, it was among the companies recently honored by Fast Company as part of its 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards. The software offers a safe, secure payment platform necessary for healthcare, prioritizing data visualization and protection.

With scalability, it adapts as your business grows, ensuring convenience for healthcare professionals. Patients can easily manage, track, and pay their medical bills in one place using a mobile app with a simple-to-use platform. This not only improves the patients' experience but also enhances the efficiency of the billing process for healthcare providers.

If you're ready to transform your practice, we invite you to read PayGround reviews and see what users think about the software. You can also contact us at (661) 384-7070 to discuss if this is the right fit for you.

PayGround Features

PayGround allows online payment collection and helps transform the way you run your practice. This feature simplifies the payment process for patients, making it easier for them to manage and track their medical bills. By offering a convenient and user-friendly payment option, this feature can help improve patient satisfaction and reduce the time and resources spent on managing payments.

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This feature enables you to efficiently communicate with patients, send payment reminders, and update them about their account status. It can help reduce your staff's workload and ensure timely payments by sending texts and emails to patients without requiring any human intervention.

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Connect PayGround to your existing EHR/PM systems and enable seamless data transfer. It can help improve the efficiency of your workflows and ensure accurate and up-to-date patient information.

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PayGround allows you to create a custom-branded online payment page. This feature provides a personalized experience for your patients, enhancing their trust and engagement with your healthcare services.

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Pros and Cons of PayGround


  • Simplifies healthcare payments for patients and providers
  • Enhances efficiency and satisfaction in billing processes
  • Offers online payments and automated communication features
  • Provides personalized online payment pages for enhanced trust
  • Sends automated payment reminders to improve timeliness


  • Integration details with third-party software not disclosed
  • Potential learning curve for users unfamiliar with the platform
  • May not fully address all unique billing challenges for every healthcare organization

PayGround Pricing



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What's Included

  • Accept PayGround App Payments via ACH

  • Easily link bank account

  • Funds deposited in 1-2 business days



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What's Included

  • Everything in Free — plus:

  • Collect Online Payments

  • Web Terminal

  • Custom-branded online payment page

  • Five (5) Staff Users

  • Up to five accounts and devices

  • Collect Onsite Payments

  • Point of sale capabilities

  • Virtual terminal

  • Digital Receipts 



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What's Included

  • Everything in Go — plus:

  • Automated Texts/Emails

  • Upload or integrate your accounts receivable

  • Unlimited digital requests via text and email

  • Automated payment reminders

  • Unlimited Staff Users

  • Multiple accounts and devices

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Credit/Debit included

  • ACH included

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Frequently Asked Questions

PayGround offers support through its customer success team. If you have a support question, you can fill out a form on their website, and the team will contact you within one business day.