Pediatrics Cloud is a medical software developed by WRS Health.  Its features intend to meet the needs of pediatricians. It enables every aspect of medical practice to integrate on a single cloud-based platform. Also, users can enjoy appointment scheduling and revenue cycle management services with this pediatric EMR.  

The system has notes and templates already installed that are designed for many purposes, including incredibly initial patient visits. Other than this, users get templates that save time when arranging:  

  • Infant checkups  
  • Child checkups  
  • Adolescent checkups   
  • Follow-up patient visits 

Besides, the built-in alerts help identify possible drug interactions that might be harmful. As a result, it allows pediatric clinics to deliver high-quality treatment. Finally, the software connects healthcare practices to immunization registries in an instant. Ultimately, all functions of this pediatric EMR aim to maximize productivity and boost revenues.   

Critical Features of Pediatrics Cloud Software

Other Pediatrics Cloud features include detailed clinical content for quick charting and much more. It also offers growth charts and integrated medical billing to cater to the user’s financial requirements. Another benefit highlighted in pediatric EMR reviews is that it makes telehealth easier for users. For example, they can use dosage calculators to prescribe medicines based on patients’ height and weight.   

Certified Software: Pediatrics Cloud is an ONC-ATCB certified solution. Users are eligible for MIPS/MACRA incentives with this software. The system also has Pediatric specific CPT and ICD10 codes. So, pediatric EMR software offers its users technical advantages. 

Optimized Workflow: The performance of your front desk has an impact on all elements of your business, including revenue cycle, clinical interactions, schedule management, and patient perception. You lay the road to success by collecting complete and correct patient information before each appointment. 

  • Automated Confirmation and Reminders: The Pediatrics Cloud system proactively reminds primary caregivers of forthcoming in-office and Telehealth appointments via tailored email, phone, or SMS messages, eliminating no-shows and optimizing your workflow while protecting your provider's time. 
  • You can give your telehealth patients the same experience as your in-office patients with a virtual waiting room. In addition, parents can securely self-check-in prior to their child's planned appointment and access telehealth visits on a single platform with a personalized email/SMS reminder. 
  • Module for Check-In: This is a fantastic contactless method for giving new and established patients the freedom to speed up their in-person or online check-in experience. Prior to the consultation, parents can input or modify any demographic and clinical information, including preferred pharmacy and ROS, as well as make any co-payments. 
  • Insurance Eligibility Checks: When you add a patient to your schedule, the billing workflow includes an automated eligibility check on their insurance, including co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-network benefits. Fast and precise real-time data allows you to be paid appropriately for your services. 

Seamless Patient Charting Process

Pediatrics Cloud understands how you keep track of first visits, checkups, follow-up visits, and other encounters. The system then saves your most frequently used prescriptions, diagnoses, and procedures and displays them to you for quick choosing.  

  • Single-Click Quick Charting: You can save time when it comes to performing physical exams, system reviews, and charting obligations, all of which are essential components of each routine encounter. In addition, you can customize HPI templates to your needs, removing redundancy and associating appropriate modifier codes for effective coding. 
  • Patient Awareness: The most commonly used teaching material is linked to the diagnosis codes noted in your encounter note. You can automatically email a parent document relevant to their child's health or developmental stages with a single click. 
  • Medication Administration: All of the information you need to write a prescription is in one location, including vitals, allergies, and previous/current drugs. Before electronically transmitting prescriptions, including controlled medications, to mail-order or retail pharmacies, you can double-check the drug formulary, potential interactions, and dosage quantities. Alerts will notify you of low or high dosages based on your height and weight. 
  • Digital Pen: You can send information from new patient intake forms, CDC growth charts, and vaccination permission forms into a patient's chart automatically. In addition, you can eliminate repetitious manual entry for your personnel and reduce human error. 
  • Growth Charts: The software enables you to easily chart your patients' height and weight history manually or with the digital pen platform. Age and gender-appropriate charts are accessible, and the values are automatically documented. 
  • Immunization Tracking: You can simply enter required immunization details into a patient's chart, and data is automatically uploaded to immunization registries, eliminating the need to log into numerous systems. 

Financial Management

The EHR and Practice Management system at Pediatrics Cloud are developed on a single, integrated system.  

  • Automatic Claim Form Filling: You can simply chart a yearly physical exam, eyesight screening, or other procedures, and the Pediatrics Cloud software will immediately fill out a claim form based on the encounter report. The advanced E&M adviser will guarantee compliance and notify you of any note components required to code at the appropriate level. 
  • Personalized In-Depth Reporting: You require actionable real-time information. Pediatrics Cloud offers a range of reports that run automatically and at specified intervals. These reports provide you and your billing staff with all of the information you need to expedite correct and complete payments from all insurers and patients in real time. 
  • Automatic Posting and Adjustment: Payment entries are automatically posted and adjusted, eliminating delays. Electronic deposits and automatic payments are integrated into the system for accurate auditing. 
  • Claims Scrubbing: With integrated CCI and LDL editing, you can easily prevent claim denials and assure payment for services delivered, allowing you to discover billing issues before they occur. 
  • Clearinghouse Rejection Dashboard: If a claim is rejected, you are immediately supplied with the clearinghouse or insurer's rationale for denial, allowing the denied claim to be rapidly amended and resubmitted. 

Pediatric Cloud Pricing

Pediatrics Cloud offers subscription pricing to purchase the software functions. The cost depends on the number of providers in the organization; thus, it varies from one medical practice to another. The package comprises complete revenue cycle management with optional billing services, MIPS management, attestation, and marketing services. 

Pediatrics-Cloud Pricing

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