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Penelope software is a cloud-based platform that provides case management solutions such as smart forms, email reminders, referrals, and automated workflows to people engaged in professional service-providing companies. Its central aim is to simplify management for frontline health workers, executive teams, and administrative staff.  

Penelope further integrates an add-on module that assists medication management with features like NDIS requirements and DSS-DEX service tracking. It provides an optimal security system with ISO-IEC certification to protect sensitive information.   

Penelope Key Features 

Essential Tools 

Penelope by Athena software provides a wide range of tools that are regularly required and has built-in smart forms to regulate the system. Auto-population, conditional questions, revision control, and decision support are some of the supported tasks to save time. You can further schedule events and tasks by checking staff availability as well as book recurring appointments by setting up a scheduled cycle. It further organizes billing and invoicing with a built-in module that is also capable of managing insurance billing as well as grant funding.  


Software client management system can accommodate reporting with pre-built reports as its library showcases up to 130 pre-built reports ready to be customized. Pre-built reports cover aspects such as worker activity, client outcomes, client demographics, worker activity, billing, and referrals too. You can further streamline all the data with DQIL (Data Quality Issue List) to resolve commonplace data entry errors. You are also able to track data such as outcome and worker performance with the integration of Tableau. If you wish to extract data on your own, the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) makes it possible. Third-party apps such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel make it easy to extract data to Athena Penelope software. 

Client Engagement  

The ClientConnect built-in integration resolves issues that persist around communication. The user-friendly interface enhances the clients’ ability to get in touch with the service providers. It is specifically designed as a mobile application; therefore, it possesses an intuitive system of communication. You can control the content that will be visible to your clients, which means you can choose to share the billing details. Furthermore, ClientConnect can be personalized with a logo or images.  

Penelope Pricing  

Penelope software cost is not provided on the website, but you can directly request a private quote from staff.  

Software Demo 

Furthermore, if you want to see the software in action, you can request a free demo that comprehensively details features for time-saving, tracking, reporting, improving data quality, and some tips about making the most out of the Athena Penelope software.  


The overall user rating based on Penelope software reviews is 4.3 based on its ability to offer heightened customer care and satisfy case management requirements. You can further go through the reviews from various users provided below.  

Our Thoughts  

The software is able to cultivate a rich suite of useful technical tools such as Penelope EMR and Penelope EHR for case management. It takes management to the next level by facilitating remote care offerings under its Healthy Community Initiatives too.

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