Platinum System Software

Platinum is a fast, intuitive, and smart EHR software system for chiropractic practices. This specialty-specific solution allows tending to twice as many patients by allowing clients to go paperless. This windows based software helps streamline the chiropractic workflows for smooth clinical task handling.  

Offering digital tools, third-party integrations, and manageable billing services, it supports the demands of chiropractors. Also, it scales at the pace of practitioners by cutting overhead costs and maximizing revenue. From the front desk to examination rooms, the Platinum system stays with the clients all the way round.  

Platinum EMR Features

Custom SOAP Notes 

Featuring custom SOAP notes, platinum EHR enables clinicians to create and populate notes within seconds. Doing so simplifies the life of chiropractors by reducing their mental load. In addition, the custom SOAP notes with built-in chiropractic codes assure accuracy in treatment plans.  

The hassle-free SOAP notes service of the Platinum software system boosts the potential of clinicians. It supports their decision by crafting organized health care notes for better and timely patient assessment.  

Patient Tracking 

Running medical practices has never been an easy task to do. Keeping tabs on hundreds of patients simultaneously doesn’t seem possible, but the system has made it possible. It features a robust patient tracking system.  

This tracking service of software crafts a comprehensive database. Putting the entire patient history, from past visits to individual care plans and more, is presented in a well-structured manner. Using it, clients can get a bird’s eye view of their patient's progress and bill status.  

Business Management 

The motto of every service provider is to earn money. The system manages the business side of practices very well with intuitive services. Saying no to the clunkiness of traditional systems supercharges the productivity level of medical practices to drive potential returns.  

Platinum chiropractic software provides training programs, time management services, and reporting services. Physicians can dedicate calculated time to their patients, look into the practice’s performance through graphs, and more using business tools.  

Platinum EHR Pricing 

Platinum is one of the cost-friendly chiropractic systems. It offers a starter, essentials, and complete plans with a monthly-based subscription. The starter plan costs $65, the essentials plan costs $185, and the complete plan costs $235 PER month.  

Software Demo 

You will learn deep insights about the Platinum software system by scheduling a demo. So, schedule one now.  


This chiropractic software offers an extensive training program, making getting the system up and running easier. Besides that, the vendor is surrounded by a high customer satisfaction rating showing how clients trust this innovative EHR vendor. Care to share your experience? Find the comments section for Platinum EHR below.  

Our Thoughts 

The platinum system is an extensive solution to help chiropractors excel at what they do. The platform improves the way they practice medicine by providing a plethora of digital tools. Giving clients the freedom and services they want, Platinum EMR integrates the entire healthcare network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Platinum System Software offer an API?

No, the Platinum system does not provide an API to its users.

Does Platinum System Software support mobile devices?

No, Platinum System Software does not support mobile devices.

What languages does Platinum System Software support?

The Platinum System provides support in the following languages: English.

What level of support does Platinum System Software offer?

The Platinum System provides the following support options: Chat or through Customer Service Representative.

Who are the typical users of Platinum System software?

Following are the typical users of Platinum System Software: Freelancers and small businesses.

Platinum System Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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