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PracticeAdmin ProviderSuite is a cloud-based medical practice management solution intended to help small to medium-sized businesses automate their whole scheduling and invoicing operations. Users can handle appointments, patient data, scheduling, claims, and payments using its automated patient registration system. 

The solution has a rule-based design that allows users to set specific preferences for scheduling visits, managing various locations, and delivering patient reminders. Furthermore, it enables administrators to track patient information, treatment plans, and prior authorizations. Before submitting claims, the system warns users of any informational mistakes, promotes resubmissions, and monitors Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) rejections to reduce inaccuracy across processes. 

ProviderSuite Software Key Features


PracticeAdmin Scheduling eliminates no-shows and enhances patient interactions by providing the data you require on demand. You can specify your preferences using the patented rules-based architecture, whether you're a solo provider, a small to medium-sized corporation, or a provider with many locations. In addition, you can set up automated patient reminders and create your schedule templates for an unlimited number of locations. 


Billing is a one-stop shop for patient registration, claims, and payment. You can keep track of all of your patient data and prior authorizations. It seamlessly interacts with your EHR and keeps track of your Meaningful Use certification. Billing alerts you if your claim has a mistake before it is issued. Resubmit your claim quickly and without cost, and keep track of all EDI denials. 

Real-time Eligibility Verification

Provider Suite has a real-time eligibility verification module that compiles patient information, confirms upcoming appointments, and sends approval requests to payers.  

ProviderSuite Software Cost

ProviderSuite doesn’t share its pricing model publicly. However, you may contact the vendor to get a quote for your practice. 

Software Demo

ProviderSuite EHR software also offers a free demo that can help you decide whether the software is worth an investment or not. You can delve deeper into the cloud-based software and its features during the demo and analyze it in real-time. 


The ProviderSuite Software reviews below will give you an overview of the pros and cons. Overall, reviews are positive, indicating that users appreciate the features and recommend this medical practice management software to other businesses. 

If you are a ProviderSuite software user, let us know your experience below! 

Our Thoughts

PracticeAdmin is a cloud-based practice management and medical billing software solution that provides billing companies, specialty medical practices, and other providers with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). PracticeAdmin ProviderSuite is intended to help with practice management and collections and billing, scheduling, claims management, and financial reporting. You can learn more about the software by scheduling a demo! 

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ProviderSuite Software reviews

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