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Ready Doc is a secure credentialing management system designed to help medical practices manage and track the credentials of healthcare providers. The technology-driven tool automates all the time-consuming processes related to document management, onboarding, verification, and provider analytics through a unified portal. Healthcare experts can use the system to upload their credentials, where managers can review, verify, and share them for improved transparency. It offers tons of useful features, such as credential storage, credential packaging, payor enrollment tracking, exclusion and sanctions monitoring, custom digital forms, appointments, privileges, and more. 

The application also employs hashgraph distributed ledger technology (DLT) to prevent the documents from being verified or altered more than once. It allows supervisors to receive monthly renewal reminders, monitor privileging status, and track document expiration dates. Staff members can easily capture electronic signatures and get automated alerts for expiring medical credentials to reduce the risk of a compliance breach. Furthermore, it enables users to monitor the OIG report status for each doctor to identify any reported issues. 

Key Features 

Credential Storage 

Ready Doc Software provides end-to-end medical credentialing solutions that enable users to upload, track, and share documents of all types. It gives access to a healthcare-specific folder where organizations can conveniently organize providers’ records. 

Expiration Alerts 

This medical credentialing management system notifies practices in advance of the expiration of malpractice insurance or credentialing documents, allowing them to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Automated warnings or updates on the upcoming expiration of renewable credentials or certificates also help keep everyone on the same page. 

Activity Dashboard 

The application includes an easy-to-use dashboard feature that offers drag-and-drop capabilities to help users unify providers’ personal and certification details within a shared workspace. It is designed to enable simple and secure navigation and document access. 

Ready Doc Pricing 

The Ready Doc EMR pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. A free version of the software is also available for users. However, the exact details of its paid plans have not been shared by the vendor. 

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Ready Doc Demo 

Click the "Watch Demo" button above to assess the program’s core modules in real-time. The comprehensive Ready Doc demo will let you see the software in action and demonstrate how it benefits your healthcare. 

Ready Doc Reviews 

Ready Doc Software has been well reviewed across multiple accredited sites. Many reviewers appreciated the application for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive suite of Ready Doc EHR features, and responsive customer support. 

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Our Thoughts

Ready Doc is an easy-to-use medical credentialing management solution with a wide range of features that help healthcare organizations manage and implement credentialing programs for their providers. 

We suggest that you try out the demo version of the software to see if it meets the credentialing needs of your practice.

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