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Simple Interact is a HIPAA-compliant front office automation software. This cloud-based platform provides medical solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers. It helps in recurring tasks and acquiring more patients. Simple Interact helps you in building Online Reputation with Marketing, Engagement, and Reviewing tactics. You can easily collect online feedback from post-encounter messages and tool ratings. Doctors can easily process legal forms with integrated automation and management tools. 

This practice management software can ease patient management tasks by Monitoring, Reporting, Tracking, and EHR. Simple Interact EHR provides end-to-end solutions to both patients and doctors. On-demand communication, alerts, reminders, and patient portals can help you in increasing patient engagement. 

Simple Interact Software Key Features 

Automated Patient Management 

This SAAS-based platform provides self-service features to its users. It has integrated calendar management and Multi-office tools. You can manage patients with virtual waiting rooms. The Telehealth reminders of Simple Interact software ensure contactless healthcare. This comprehensive EHR System allows you to customize and manage discrete medical patient history.  

Flow Management and Tracking 

Simple Interact EMR provides request management to the users. You can track appointment request schedules by patients. It allows you to auto-fill cancellation requests and manage referral requests effectively. You can easily get patient and service feedback through Location Reviews, Provider Reviews, Short Surveys, and CAHPS Lite on its Customer Review Platform. SimpleInteract Software provides the additional features of activity tracking and sentiment analysis. 

HIPAA Compliant Forms 

It facilitates the secure filling and collecting of electronic patient intake forms. Patients can easily give consent with e-signatures. The software screens and captures insurance cards for patient ease. You can easily manage screening results, test results, e-prescriptions, legal forms, and other consent documents.  

Active Patient Engagement 

Simple Interact Medical Software reduces patient load and increases patient engagement. You can set automated reminders and alerts for change and appointment requests. It helps you to broadcast messages throughout the platform for announcements and notifications. You can send pre and post-visit instructions to mitigate patient flow management. Patients can easily find the Multi-Offices through Multi-location SEO. 

Simple Interact Software Pricing 

The payment modules for Simple Interact Software start from $150/month. 

Software Demo 

The free version of the trial is unavailable. SimpleInteract EHR provides no free demos. 


Users are more than happy with this practice management and automation platform. You can find numerous happy reviews and ratings on various websites. Text reminders and alerts are valuable assets to the system. Automated communication tools make patient management easier than ever. You can find genuine reviews about Simple Interact EHR in our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts

Simple Interact is a Web-based medical solution software that can streamline contact-less ancillary services. It is a strategic platform for clinics, individual practitioners, healthcare providers, and hospitals of all sizes. Patients can easily track their health with measurable and monetizable self-assessment solutions. SimpleInteract is a comprehensive and customizable system that is surely worth trying.  

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Simple Interact Software reviews

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Overall, its amazing and game-changing, but they need to deploy a smartphone app as well.

October 2022

Elizabeth B.


Our daily routine has been significantly changed, and Simple Interact has assisted us in streamlining procedures. The possibilities are endless, and their customer support team is constantly striving to grow and improve their resources and is always willing to help!
A mobile-friendly version is something we really want to see. People frequently tell us that if they could fill out paperwork on their smartphones, they would be more likely to do so in advance.

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Call us at

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