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SynergyPT is a web-based electronic medical records (EMR) software that offers features tailored specifically to the needs of physical therapy practices. The application is designed to help physicians streamline front desk operations, manage patient records, and improve healthcare outcomes. Patients can also utilize the system on tablets in the waiting room to fill out intake forms remotely. Key features include patient scheduling, assessment management, a patient portal, progress tracking, care plan management, patient intake, SOAP notes, and more. 

SynergyPT software is a mobile-ready platform that streamlines the documentation process during patient evaluations. The program’s scheduling tools provide automated appointment reminders that can be sent via email or text. Users can access a multitude of customizable messaging templates to reduce patient no-shows. Additionally, it includes a patient portal that makes it easier for providers to communicate with their patients. The patient portal feature also enables patients to schedule appointments, get follow-up notifications, and pay bills online. Other features of the system include claim analysis, patient data management, custom reporting, and more.

Key Features 

Appointment Scheduling 

SynergyPT EHR software comes equipped with a powerful appointment scheduling module that helps users improve their front desk workflow efficiency. With just a few clicks on the calendar, practice staff can schedule and reschedule patient visits, check insurance eligibility, see patient contact information, and send automated appointment reminders. 

Patient Portal 

SynergyPT’s robust patient portal feature is designed to increase patient engagement and improve workflow efficiency. This offering helps users enhance the quality of patient care while enabling greater communication between patients and providers.

Document Management 

These electronic medical records (EMR) application provides a powerful document management feature that enables clinicians to improve healthcare outcomes by providing accurate, complete, and up-to-date patient information at the point of care. It centralizes patient information and documents for more coordinated care. 

SynergyPT Pricing 

SynergyPT medical software’s pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. However, the details of the vendor’s subscription plans have not been disclosed publicly. Please contact the company to request more pricing information. 

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SynergyPT Demo 

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SynergyPT Reviews 

SynergyPT's healthcare IT software has received favorable feedback from reviewers. Many reviews were positive, with subscribers applauding the solution for its ease of use, useful practice management features, and excellent customer support. 

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Our Thoughts 

SynergyPT is a powerful electronic medical records software that enables physical therapy practices to streamline daily workflows, digitize patient medical records, optimize revenue cycle management, and improve patient-provider communication. 
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