TalkEHR Software

What Is talkEHR?


talkEHR is a cloud-based electronic health records solution helping healthcare practices streamline their day-to-day clinical and administrative workflows. The software offers clinical tools, including customizable templates, voice recognition, telehealth functionality, and lab connectivity. Moreover, it enables clinicians to deliver continuous patient care, anywhere through flexible access to the EHR via desktop and mobile devices.

What Is talkEHR Best Known For?

talkEHR software is widely recognized for its extensive collection of over 70 pre-configured specialty-specific practice templates. These customizable templates empower clinicians to efficiently document patient visits following established guidelines for their specialization.

talkEHR Pricing

The vendor offers flexible pricing options:

  • talkPro – Starting at $249/provider/month
  • talkCSP – Starting at $299/provider/month
  • talkUltimate – Based on billing collection with $995 minimum

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change

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talkEHR Integrations

The vendor has not disclosed information about its third-party integrations.

How Does talkEHR Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the software’s dashboard and make use of its features:

  • Log in and set up your user profile and preferences
  • Record and manage your patient data through an easy-to-use interface
  • Create and customize templates for different specialties or patient types
  • Record patient's health history and update medical records in real time
  • Use voice recognition tools to quickly add notes and details
  • Order labs and view results directly within the EHR
  • Schedule patient appointments and manage staff calendars
  • Perform check-ins, e-visits, and telehealth consultations
  • Generate reports on key practice metrics and analytics
  • Submit insurance claims and streamline revenue cycle management 

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Who Is talkEHR For?

talkEHR's electronic medical records software is suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes and types.

talkEHR Features

Some of the key features of talkEHR software are listed as follows:

  • Medical Billing

talkEHR handles the billing process through claims submission, payment tracking, denials and insurance. Medical billing eliminates paperwork so providers can focus on patients while the practice receives maximum compensation for delivered services.

Moreover, the system provides end-to-end revenue cycle support, covering tasks such as credentialing, contract or payer negotiations, benefits verification, and prior authorization.

  • Practice Management

The integrated practice management tools provide valuable insights through detailed reports and efficiently manage day-to-day operations, including scheduling and billing workflows. Healthcare providers can gain clear visibility into their practice's performance, ensuring appointments and payments run seamlessly. Additionally, the unified solution enables effortless oversight of all non-clinical operations from a single platform.

  • Telehealth

Healthcare professionals can conduct virtual visits using the same intuitive interface for in-person consultations. Telehealth offers patients expanded access to care anytime and enables medical practices to generate revenue from telehealth appointments. Moreover, it supports comprehensive patient care beyond the conventional clinical setting.

  • Financial Analytics

talkEHR's detailed analytical reports offer in-depth insights into key metrics such as productivity and profitability. Financial analytics empower medical professionals to easily identify growth areas, potential savings opportunities, and operational bottlenecks, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions. Furthermore, metrics facilitate the early detection of issues and ensure continuous improvement.

  • Mobile Health Apps

Various mobile health apps integrate TalkEHR to support clinicians on the go. With dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, healthcare providers can conveniently access key EHR functions outside the clinic. These apps also allow users to review patient documents, charts, and test results anywhere with an internet connection.

Is talkEHR Right For You?

If you are looking for an affordable, full-featured EHR system to meet the diverse needs of your medical practice, talkEHR is worth consideration. Its integrated platform seamlessly combines all the features you need, including electronic health records, practice management, billing and analytics.  

The vendor also prioritizes data security and employs a robust security framework, including encryption, backups, biometric authentication and ongoing surveillance to protect customer data from breaches. Their data centers are designed to ensure information protection through multi-layer security measures and compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA.

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talkEHR Pricing Plans

  • talkPro
  • talkCSP
  • talkUltimate
249 / provider
299 / provider

talkPro features
talkPro features, plus
talkCSP features, plus
  • Patient Charting
  • Online Scheduling
  • Faxing
  • MACRA/MIPS Compliance
  • Telehealth
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Documents
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Paper Claim Printing
  • Virtual Medical Assistant
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Systematic Denial
  • Wellness Visit Reminder Calls
  • Paper Claim Submission
  • 24/7 Billing Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Paper Statements Mailed
  • Patient Help Desk

TalkEHR Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics



  • AI-powered interface 
  • Initial setup complexity, according to some talkEHR reviews 
  • Seamless virtual visits 
  • Patient engagement tools 
  • Streamlines various administrative processes 
  • Supports lab integration 
  • Secure talkEHR patient portal 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can talkEHR import my data for free?

Yes, talkEHR will help you import your data into the system for free.

Does talkEHR have an app?

Yes, talkEHR offers various mobile apps.

Does talkEHR offer a free plan?

No, talkEHR does not offer a free plan.

Does talkEHR offer a free trial?

No, talkEHR does not offer a free trial.

Does talkEHR offer an API?

No, talkEHR does not offer an API to its users.

Does talkEHR support mobile devices?

Yes, talkEHR supports Android and iOS devices.

How can talkEHR help me connect with my patients?

Patients can access their personal health records through the talkEHR app. They can view lab results, make payments, communicate with the provider, request refills, and schedule appointments.

How much does talkEHR cost?

talkEHR pricing varies according to your practice’s size and needs. Click Get Pricing for a custom quote.

Is talkEHR software cloud-based?

Yes, talkEHR is a cloud-based software.

What languages does talkEHR support?

talkEHR supports the English language.

What level of support does talkEHR offer?

talkEHR offers a variety of support options, including FAQs, email and phone support.

What other apps does talkEHR software integrate with?

The vendor has not disclosed details about its third-party integrations.

What type of pricing plans does talkEHR software offer?

talkEHR software offers customizable and flexible pricing plans on a monthly and annual subscription basis.

Who are the typical users of talkEHR?

The typical users of talkEHR include healthcare practices of all sizes across various specialties, such as family medicine, pediatrics, and internal medicine.

TalkEHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TalkEHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

14 Reviews


You get what you pay for

April 2023


Medical Practice

Although the software is simple to use, I have found that it has fewer features compared to any other EHR system I have used before.

Overall a great offering with good customer service.

February 2023

Nomad S.

Hospital & Healthcare

TalkEHR offers a fantastic way to organize your notes with helpful voice dictation. It is very light on the system and loads quickly regardless of the internet connection speed we have. We have become more efficient at keeping accurate records of patients and organizing our workflow. Furthermore, the software has amazing customer service which has never failed to solve our problems and that too in minimal time. All of our patients information is preloaded when working remotely which makes note-taking easier. They really work all year round to keep the system working flawlessly and dependably.
What we wanted to do with this software is PT billing, and it was disastrous at best. We were assured that it can handle the task but its billing capabilities are still in some sort of a beta phase. We have worked with other applications in the past so we know how billing works, and talkEHR cant do the most basic of tasks. A lot of our bills have been denied on the basis of improper filling. We are all in with this software and purchased it so theres no option but to wait it out and in the meanwhile use QuickBooks or something similar to manage. I would hope that the upcoming version solves this issue or else we will be switching to some other application.

Company abandoned practice

January 2023



I using the free version that has basic functions for my low volume practice

A solid AI based voice recognition solution!

January 2023

Barry K.

Hospital & Healthcare

We have recently shifted to mobile practice and home visits. This has opened up new venues for us and along with this came the need for a new companion software to complete the experience. Thankfully, there is always something online that can get what we need exactly, and it was TalkEHR! It has amazing voice recognition capabilities like that of Google Assistant, and rarely misses to listen and do as we say. This enables us to adapt to the new software while focusing on our tasks while not worrying about manually writing notes at least. Moreover, we have been handling all sorts of administrative and management tasks with it.
There have been some issues with e-charting though, with most of them being back-end based. We have reached out to customer support on occasion but haven’t got it fixed so far. Also, there are certain issues with the e-prescribing feature as well. It does not have all the medications that we used to prescribe so we have had to find alternatives to stay within the platform. We can manually give a prescription in such cases but that defeats the purpose of having an AI-based all-in-one software solution, doesn’t it? I will be glad if the team solves this issue timely.

TalkEHR is very good for automating your schedule

November 2022

Simon H.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

TalkEHR offers easy access to Telehealth and presents a neatly organized and fully featured dashboard that helps you centralize all the crucial information and manage everything right there. I have automated the patient scheduling using AI features which is mostly accurate. Moreover, it offers cloud-based access to all the necessary information required for patient management, such as health charts and the ever-useful patient profiles. It also promotes robust collaborations with other people in the organization and provides appointment reminders. These notification ensure not a single one of the appointments are missed, thus saving me from the manual effort.
It seems like they have shifted their focus elsewhere, as a lot of problems have been popping up with no fix in sight. Instead, theyve been calling me randomly for feedback, which I feel they dont listen to as none of the issues that I have provided in my feedback have been resolved. Adding to that, the sales team offers me other services and here, I am stuck at the services that I am already availing. What I would like the team to do is to fix what they provide me already and then expect me to expand to the remaining of their services. I have been seeing them constantly going downhill and thats frustrating considering the time and effort weve put into implementing this software with our system.

It handles appointments and helps your practice, but it’s not there yet.

October 2022

Peter H.

Health & Fitness

As a fitness professional, I appreciate how the dashboard is organized and offers full lab integration for my clients. The access to telehealth is flawless, thanks again to the full-featured dashboard that manages everything. Appointment scheduling can be handled by automated AI systems.
Bugs have been occurring more frequently, and they are being fixed at a slower rate than they are being discovered. Instead of fixing the faults, client relations would rather waste time calling me. It appears that the quality of software is declining with time.

Software getting worse over time with more bugs accumulating

February 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

The program was functional without issues for long periods of time and it was free of charge.

Difficult transition from MTBC-WebEHR

December 2020


Health, Wellness and Fitness

I am having trouble with the built-in voice dictation feature and I am not satisfied with TalkEHR overall.


November 2020


Medical Practice

At this point, there were no apparent issues.


November 2020


Medical Practice

Our platform is user-friendly and creates a seamless workflow for you. You can send and receive faxes, upload patient documents, conduct Telehealth appointments, and manage your SSCM. We also offer customer support.
The features were easy to use and excellent.

talkEHR Review

November 2020


Medical Practice

The tool is user-friendly and has a professional interface. It is helpful in efficiently managing our office work.
We have almost everything we need for our practice work.

Easy to use

November 2020


Medical Practice

The software is very user-friendly and follows a logical arrangement of items. It also has a great efax feature.
If you accidentally record an encounter while still learning, you will not be able to delete it.

TalkEHR is cutting edge EMR

October 2020


Health, Wellness and Fitness

I particularly appreciate the ePrescribe feature, which allows me to prescribe controlled substances, as well as the telemedicine component.
Although we had problems with the ePrescribe at first, the tech support team quickly resolved the issue and diligently worked on it until it was fixed.

Awful experience with their billing service.

September 2018


Health, Wellness and Fitness

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