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Teladoc is a bidirectional medical software that allows doctors to interact with their patients virtually through video calls, messages, live chat, and more. It offers support for multiple users at a single time. Providers can customize Teladoc EHR according to the health niche and patient portfolio. With reporting, scheduling, and appointment features, you can track the patient’s recovery rate 24/7 without delay. The incorporated business tools can also help you expand your client reach. 

Patients can receive digital prescriptions through Teladoc behavioral health technology, and the appointed doctors can contact different pharmacies to transfer medicines to the patients. Patients can easily schedule appointments and get digital transcripts through the Teladoc software application. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It is an alternative to traditional practice and uses different APIs to enable real-time updating. 

Teladoc Software Key Features 

Virtual Medicare 

Teladoc EMR allows you to stay connected with your patients regardless of the location and time zone. Doctors can easily track the patient’s success through Teladoc medicare embedded video calling, daily snapshot, and chatting features. Health guidance and prescription become easier as you can electronically transfer medicines and other healthcare equipment in collaboration with pharmacies. It eases communication for both patients and doctors. 

Real-time Patient Tracking 

Teladoc EHR allows you to manage your client portfolio, track patient history and manage healthcare data. You can easily record the patient’s clinical activity and manage your tasks in a streamlined manner with automated systems and workflow modules. The integrated alerts can remind you about upcoming appointments, calls, and more. Teladoc app offers you a way to obtain patient information without any delay.  

Business Analytics 

Apart from Teladoc Therapy and healthcare, the patient management software provides you with business insights so that you can market your services and expand your client reach. It contains useful advertisements and business tools that can turn your small clinic into a large virtual hospital. The cloud-based system stores any useful information with the additional benefit of smart notes.  

Teladoc Pricing 

Teladoc price varies from feature to feature. The starting price is $49 per user. You can contact the vendor for complete payment plans and guidance according to your requirements. 

Software Demo 

Teladoc Health does not provide any free trial or free version of the software. As for the solo module, you can get the benefit of remote desktop assistance in case you face any issues. Software offers 24/7 chat support and email solutions for its customers. 


Many happy users have left positive reviews about Teladoc's cost and therapy. The software provides an innovative method of communication for patients who are incapable of traditional routine visits. Some reviews have highlighted the wide range of tools and features offered by Teladoc that makes it a complete healthcare application. Read more reviews in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

App allows you to shift from the conventional healthcare service to virtual clinics through a cloud-based communication platform. Doctors and patients can interact with each other in a seamless way that changes the complications of interaction and geographical locations. You can operate a professional clinic without any physical interaction or appointment delays. 

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