TheraOffice Software

TheraOffice Software is a cloud-based EMR practice management solution particularly designed for rehabilitation and physical therapy. It reduces your documentation and evaluation time by 80%. It optimizes practice workflow with comprehensive dashboards for task management, patient records, and customizable templates. You can integrate this platform with other EMR and practice management software. It helps in improving business efficiency with Claims Management, Charting, and Accounting integration. 

This HL7 Compliant software has more than 50 customizable alerts for reminding and scheduling. Each therapist can completely customize the software with present editable templates. It provides accounting solutions with clearinghouse integrations and billing systems. You can connect with large enterprises and hospitals with Thera Office. TheraOffice EMR is compatible with IOS, Web-based, Windows, and Linux devices.  

TheraOffice EMR Key Features 

Care Plan Management 

TheraOffice EHR allows you to completely manage patient portals with various customized dashboards. You can manage patient assessment forms and test reports with integrated tools. It allows e-prescriptions and charting through patient portals. It eases treatment planning, and you can track progress efficiently. You can choose your recovery plans from the exercise library. The multi-location treatment features provide a telehealth experience.  

Appointment Management 

It reduces appointment management time through automated scheduling and tracking. Documentation helps with daily reminders and alerts for both patients and providers. It has auto-cancellation features that handle the payments and scheduling for you. The comprehensive EHR/ EMR is editable and easily updated. The progress notes feature helps in taking smart digital notes. You can ensure 99% patient satisfaction with intelligent scheduling features. The software allows MIPS Integrated RegistrySubmission and Touchless Mobile check-ins for patient ease. 

Accounting Integration 

Thera Office EMR is HIPAA compliant and secures patient privacy and confidentiality. You can perform billing and invoice with ensured security. It helps improve financial handling and accounting to improve reputation management. Built-in insurance management helps allows you to perform financial activities without error. The software does the policy management on your behalf.  

TheraOffice Pricing 

Thera Office platform provides three basic plans: 

  1. Core: $125/user/month 
  2. Extend: $175/user/month 
  3. Flax: Custom Pricing 

Software Demo 

Thera Office provides a free demo of every plan they offer. You can get a free trial of the software by contacting the vendor. You can also contact support for training, webinars, live help, and phone support.  


There are many happy users of Thera Office EHR software who have posted positive reviews for Thera Office. You can find hundreds of high ratings on different websites. TheraOffice provides end-to-end solutions with unparallel support. It is fully suitable for healthcare organizations ranging from small clinics to large enterprises.  

Our Thoughts

Thera Office is a HIPAA Compliant telehealth software that streamlines patient management and physical therapy service. It provides cloud-based and on-site hosting. The data-rich reporting tools help you track patient progress with a single platform. The multi-deployment architecture makes this an all-in-one comprehensive tool for physical therapy and rehab.  

TheraOffice Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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TheraOffice Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


Wonderful, reliable, and robust support system

October 2022

Alicia L.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

What I like is that billing can be done within Thera’s system, whereas previously we used another program for this purpose. The reports are just amazing! And the user interface is one of the best Ive seen in a long time. TheraOffice Support Team provides the best customer service I have recently encountered from any company!
There are some weird, frustrating issues, like the fact that commas are not used with money quantities. And a patient cannot be present in more than one queue. When adding a new appointment to the schedule, an autofill option should be available so that a patients data is automatically entered.

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Call us at

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