TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Software

TigerConnect is a user-friendly collaboration and productivity system in the healthcare sector. It is fully scalable and cloud-based and integrates with EHRs, enabling organizations to manage clinical communication, patient engagement, staff scheduling, and alarm management all on one platform using regular mobile and desktop devices. 

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Key Features 

Behavioral Health Practices 

The TigerConnect software helps you provide consistent care for people in need of mental health treatment and rehabilitation, and goes beyond the typical phone calls and office visits. Through the use of telemedicine, patient texting, and clinical communication, mental health professionals can communicate with their patients through calls, texts, and video calls. There are features to streamline workflows to admit new patients, enter check-ins, and add prescription information as well. Moreover, you can manage risky situations with aggressive patients with the broadcast messaging feature.  

Alarm Management

Alarm Management & Event Notification integrates with nurse call systems, physiological monitors, EHR/critical lab findings, smart beds, and more to gather alerts, events, and values. Context-rich notifications are forwarded to the proper caregiver via a customizable procedure. The solution provides a wide range of use cases for healthcare organizations of all sizes as an integrated part of the Tiger Connect clinical collaboration platform.  

Physician Scheduling  

Physician scheduling software simplifies the process of setting up meetings. Your schedule will be created by the automatic scheduling engine in a matter of minutes, taking into account physician time-off requests, preferences, special regulations, and holiday calendars. You can upgrade your clinic or hospital's physician scheduling procedure by getting rid of old systems or spreadsheets. Moreover, ambulatory and outpatient clinics can save time by automating schedules using criteria that are specific to your practice and physicians. With the aid of on-call scheduling options, you can make it simpler to create and distribute on-call assignments to the administrative liaison or unit coordinator at your suitable partner healthcare facility.   

TigerConnect Pricing  

The TigerConnect cost is not provided on the official website but you can request more information by getting in touch with the sales team. 

Software Demo  

The TigerConnect demo will thoroughly guide you about its features and how you can use them to enhance virtual care for your patients. The software is accessible on the official vendor profile.


The Tiger Connet reviews show that it is a reliable source of communication between physicians and patients. 

Our Thoughts

The TigerConnect adheres to HITRUST standards for security and privacy while providing SMS, video, and phone communication that is convenient for both patients and providers. Reaching patients and families easily for follow-up, virtual care, and plan adherence improves treatment and results. The Tiger Connect support creates a digital front door so that patients can contact you for online consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you integrate into our clinic’s EMR?

Yes, TigerConnect provides a lot of integration options.

Is there any hardware required to install and implement TigerConnect?

TigerConnect is a cloud-based platform, so there is no hardware required for installation. However, to use the platform, you will need internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. Additionally, some TigerConnect features, such as integration with electronic medical record (EMR) systems, may require additional hardware or software. It is recommended to check with TigerConnect support for more information on specific hardware and software requirements for your use case.

What Is TigerConnect Physician Scheduling?

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling (formerly Call Scheduler) is cloud-based productivity software. It helps practitioners, clinics, hospitals, and physician practices handle physician assignments. along with time-off requests, upcoming shifts, and staff communication via their smartphones and desktops.

What level of support does TigerConnect Physican Scheduling offer?

TigerConnect Physican Scheduling provides the following support options: chat and 24/7 live support).

Who are the typical users of TigerConnect Physican Scheduling?

Following are the typical users of TigerConnect physician scheduling software: Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Software reviews

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