ViSolve Medical Billing Module Software

ViSolve medical billing module is cloud-based medical billing software that enables doctors to get paid faster. It is suitable for small to midsize practices and third-party billing service vendors. It offers insurance coverage checks by filing claims with insurance companies for the healthcare provider to receive timely payment from their patients and insurance companies. 

ViSolve can be integrated into an existing EHR being used by health practices. The software can prove to be a handy extension because it also comes with follow-ups and claims submission tools. Other important features of the billing module include appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility checks, paper claims processing, and live connections to various clearing houses. 

The software provides users with analytics and up-to-date reporting. The data is actionable making medical healthcare more convenient, intuitive, as well as productive. 

ViSolve Medical Billing Module Key Features 

Claims Management  

The medical software allows practices to organize, file, and update patient diagnosis, history, treatment, and medications. As the complexity of claims management and the cost of claims is rising, it brings challenges to health insurance companies and self-payers. ViSolve practice management software is the solution to manage such a situation because it manages the claims process from data input to payment, and has the potential to streamline claims management for practices. 

Claim Scrubbing 

Another amazing feature is claim scrubbing. It helps users detect and eliminate errors from billing codes by scanning to safe payers ( i.e; insurance companies) from denying the claim. Claim scrubbers verify the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes on your claims. It is essentially a procedure of auditing claims before submitting them to insurers. 

Compliance Tracking 

ViSolve medical billing software helps practices stay compliant with regulatory authorities. When medical practices maintain compliance tracking they can focus more on the safety and care of patients and also avoid costly lawsuits in between. 

Invoice History 

The software saves the record of the patient’s previous invoices/charges based on checkups, tests, treatments, medical instruments, and medicines purchased. The billing software makes it quite easy to generate healthcare claims to timely get paid from insurance companies. 

ViSolve Medical Billing Module Pricing  

ViSolve cost starts at $99 per user per month as it is a subscription-based software. 

Software Demo  

ViSolve offers a free demo and a free trial to its prospects before they buy the medical billing software. The software also has a free version for end-users. 


Most of the online reviews highlight ViSolve Medical Software’s easy-to-use interface and its cost-effectiveness. The software is handy for managing all kinds of medical billing claims, insurance checks, claim submission, and more. Check what authentic users have to say under our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts  

It’s a complete management software for medical billing, insurance coverage checks, and integrated medical codes. The software also comes with tools for claims submission and follow-ups. Overall, an Omni solution to streamline your medical billing management. 

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