VSee is a web-based telemedicine solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Their company is based in the United States and offers a software system called Cloud Clinic. The platform includes walk-in-alerts, regulatory compliance, online payment, chat support, messaging, video conferencing, and more. It is a telehealth practice management solution with patient self-scheduling and virtual waiting room capabilities.

Other features include HIPAA compliance, appointment scheduling, E-Prescribing, appointment reminders, employee management, billing & invoicing, calendar integration, guest invite, etc. VSee enables physicians to make telemedicine simple, secure, and accessible around the world.

The telehealth platform provides workflows for remote medical wellness, sign-in, and urgent care. VSee is easy to use and helps doctors to connect with their patients around the world. Once it is installed, users can test the sound and video quality before any calls or meetings. On top of this, the software works well with low bandwidth, allowing users to communicate with their patients conveniently from their homes.

It is compatible with mobile devices and desktop PC – giving the choice of flexibility to both physicians and users. Teams can share their information without compromising their privacy and data integrity. VSee offers good video and audio quality during telehealth conferences and allows users to have signed BAA.


The vendor offers two pricing tiers for their users: Basic – this individual package starts at $49 per month and includes live support, chat intake, unlimited video calls, etc., Enterprise – this group package includes remote patient monitoring, provider load balance, etc. Users can contact the company for additional pricing details and a quote.

Free Trial

VSee does not offer a free trial. There is a free version of its software.


The software offers business hours support.


It offers communications that work well over challenging networks including rural 3G – users can access it even in places like Syrian refugee camps or space stations.

Product Advantages

Their customer support is quick and responsive. It is considered to be more secure than Skype and is highly suited to use for telemedicine purposes. Also, it offers great productivity tools to enhance interactivity. It is a HIPAA-compliant platform and also includes a phone version of its app. Extremely useful to clients who have limited access to technology.

Product Limitations

The software lags a bit and users have often experienced an echo with the other person during a meeting. Delays are expected with the level of encryption offered by this telemedicine service.

VSee Pricing

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