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Zenoti is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for the beauty and wellness industry, streamlining operations with features like online booking, CRM, and marketing tools. This salon-spa management software enhances customer experiences, offering appointment scheduling and more. Ready to transform your spa or salon business? Read the complete profile. 

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What is Zenoti Software?


Zenoti is a cloud-based software designed to help beauty and wellness businesses manage their day-to-day operations. The salon-spa management solution unifies appointment scheduling, configurable reports, billing, inventory, payroll, and marketing features in a centralized database. Its AI-driven interface empowers users to deliver a seamless, unified experience across multiple locations. Customers can also use the system to book appointments, check-in, update personal information, and pay bills online.

The digital platform comes with all the necessary features spa businesses need to reduce wait times, eliminate cumbersome paperwork, track payments, organize patient information, and elevate the consumer experience. In addition to its core modules, Zenoti software includes various built-in marketing and automation capabilities for attracting and retaining customers. Spas can also rely on mobile POS features to accept multiple forms of payment and process transactions in real time.

Overall, it is a very flexible platform that lets companies streamline online appointment booking, manage customer data, and automate marketing in a way that offers a consistent and contactless experience from start to finish.

Zenoti Pricing

The Zenoti pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. However, the exact details of its subscription plans have not been shared by the vendor. Please click on the Get Pricing to get a custom quote for your spa business.


Click the Watch Demo to get an online demonstration of this spa management solution. The comprehensive product demo will help you understand the product’s core modules and demonstrate how it benefits your spa or salon business.


Zenoti Software has received positive ratings from its users. Numerous reviewers have noted how easy the system is to use, how it helps personalize customer interactions, and how it enables spa businesses to maximize their workflow efficiency. Have you received feedback regarding this spa management solution? Please leave your Zenoti review in our Reviews section!

Our Thoughts

Zenoti is a salon and spa management system with a lot of features that help businesses make online bookings easier, get more customers involved, and improve operational performance. We recommend that you try out the software’s demo version to see if it aligns with your salon’s specific requirements.

ZENOTI Software Features

Zenoti salon software provides end-to-end appointment scheduling solutions that enable users to book appointments, accept payments, and manage staff from a centralized location. Customers can easily schedule visits with their preferred staff members and select a payment option of their choice.

This salon-spa management software includes powerful customer relationship capabilities that help users create profiles to store important information, such as contact details, purchase histories, treatment preferences, etc. Spa businesses can also use this information to make data-driven decisions and create a more personalized experience for their clients.

The software helps beauty and wellness businesses centralize their social accounts and track performance through social channels. It allows users to generate coupons, manage email lists of current or past customers, and send out digital gift cards to attract new and repeat customers.

Pros and Cons of ZENOTI Software


  • Comprehensive suite of features tailored for beauty and wellness businesses
  • User-friendly interface enhances ease of use for staff
  • Marketing automation tools help attract and retain clients
  • Customizable options cater to the specific needs of different businesses
  • Integration capabilities with other systems enhance efficiency


  • Initial learning curve for new users
  • Some marketing tools could be improved
  • Maintenance costs for updates and support

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ZENOTI is an all-in-one growth software designed for the beauty and wellness industry. It provides a comprehensive suite of features to help businesses simplify operations, improve client experience, and maximize revenue potential.

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