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Zentake Software is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based medical electronic intake form manager for healthcare professionals, practitioners, and doctors. The software is useful for allergy and immunology, ambulatory surgery, behavioral health, neurology, neurosurgery, chiropractic, rheumatology, urgent care, and urology departments. It streamlines patient intake workflow through admission management and practice management tools. Integrated EHRs allow real-time sync of data through data management features. It reduces pre-visit preparation time and automates patient recall. Easy EHR management offers auto-updates of EHR forms and data fields. 

It provides remote patient assistance through a mobile device for CRM improvement. You can combine multiple documents and share them with patients, doctors, and labs. This SaaS software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, and web-based devices.

Key Features

Digitalized Patient Forms

You can remove the waiting room burden by automating patient workflow through digitalized patient forms. Through Conditional Logic integration, you can hide and show patient form. Through Conditional Logic integration, you can hide and show patient form categories. E-signatures provide easy form completion and approval. You can attach photos, files, documents, and reports to digital patient forms for sharing. It offers seamless website embedding of forms to allow easy upload and patient tracking. You can offer end-to-end custom forms to all patients with templates and existing forms.

Complete Document Management

Client timelines allow you to keep track of patient recovery. It allows unlimited cloud uploads and edits to their personal timeline. You can collaborate with stakeholders, doctors, and different teams through document management. It offers PDF generation and excels at export through file management. You can change question types with data collection dashboards and tools. It facilitates intake packet management for bulk file dealing.

Creating a Custom Workflow 

Complete administration management is provided by in-office forms. It offers quick implementation, secured online completion of forms, and customization. You can reduce costs, increase revenue, and manage future budgets through Zentake Tablet. You can access template management, archiving, retention, and process automation.

Zentake Software Pricing 

Zentake costs are present in one plan that is meant for all purposes, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote for your practice.

Zentake Software Demo 

The free version of the software is unavailable. The free trial of the paid version is accessible to all users. To get a complete feature overview, you can click on the "Watch Demo" button for a Zentake demo. It provides training through documentation, webinars, video, email/help desk, phone support, and 24/7.

Zentake Software Reviews 

It has been rated five stars on many websites. Many users recommend this software for medical practice improvement and workflow management. Zentake EHR offers form creation and design through different personalized templates. More insights and Zentake reviews can be found in the Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts

Zentake Elation Health is a 256-bit SSL-encrypted web-based medical digitalization software that improves multi-physician healthcare handling. Patient Records Management allows you to save and edit history records. It offers complete billing information management and automatic fee collection with audit logs.

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