EnableDoc EHR Software

EnableDoc EHR Software is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. Key features of the software include patient appointment management, referral management, appointment reminder service, secure messaging, patient portal, medical billing, lab integration, e-prescription, collaboration portal, credit card processing, task management, and rules-driven care notifications. It is a modular system that allows practices to use and pay for the features they need. Using EnableDoc EHR Software, healthcare professionals can personalize clinical forms, templates, and menus as per their requirements. The speech-to-text technology quickly converts dictation to text over the internet with no local software installed, enabling providers to complete their notes while achieving Meaningful Use.

The platform specifically caters to the needs of practices with less than five providers. It is an ONC-ATCB certified cost-effective solution that offers cloud-based deployment. Users can also request an EnableDOC EHR Demo to get a complete overview of the solution before incorporating it into their practice. It is well-suited for podiatry, PT, surgery, chiropractic, radiology, primary care, and other specialties. Other features of the solution include backup, storage, feature updates, and support. The EnableDoc EHR Software Tutorial allows users to follow along and easily understand the product’s features.

The software is available at a low monthly fee that is based on either number of providers or per visit volume. Its modular aspect helps users get rid of large up-front costs. EnableDoc EHR Software also captures the billing information from the documentation and visit appointment section, and uses this information to correctly perform the claims and collections process.

EnableDoc EHR Software Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

EnableDoc EHR Software Support: It offers support via phone and email.

EnableDoc EHR Software Pros: Easy to use. Offers features to help users manage appointments, clinical documents, radiology orders, and telehealth visits.

EnableDoc EHR Software Cons: Requires internet to run.

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