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Epic is a privately held healthcare software company that was founded in 1979. Epic EMR Software meets the requirements of around 25 specialties, including behavioral health, cardiology, dermatology, dental, nephrology, radiology, and occupational health. EpicCare is Epic's electronic medical records (EMR) solution for large medical centers, hospitals, and practices, certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2.  

Epic medical records software helps clinicians streamline their workflows and increase clinical as well as financial efficiency. They can use personalized dashboards, charts, and a Note Writer. For example, EMR allows physicians to make important notes while charting their diagnosis and later merge these notes with the patient's medical records for future reference.  

Essential features of Epic EMR include Lab integration, Patient Portal, Billing Capabilities, etc. The EMR is a mobile-ready solution, allowing both doctors and patients to access information on their Apple devices. The company claims that hospitals using its software hold medical records of over 60% of patients in the US and 2.5% of patients across the globe.   

Epic EMR has been around for years and employs around 10,000 personnel. Headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, Epic has ranked in numerous accolades and awards over the years, including winning Best in KLAS top overall software suite category for the past eight years.   

Features, Reviews, and Pricing

Epic EMR Features

Population Health: This is one of the critical features of the Epic Care system. Population health means researching what’s better for your patient by looking into a compatible data source.  Through this service, Epic coordinates care management across the healthcare ecosystem. It enables practitioners to reduce care gaps using advanced analytics.  

This data-centric feature collects data from standard client databases. Also, it gives patients access to well-structured and meaningful healthcare resources. Using this function, practitioners can draft longitudinal care plans for their patients. This process helps drive effective care outcomes by engaging patients. Analyzing claim-based trends is also possible with this feature.  

Analytics and Reporting: Next in line is the comprehensive suite of reporting functionalities of Epic EMR. It is a remarkable functionality required by all clinical practices. There is no downside to this reporting module. Instead, it gives clear visibility to practitioners into their clinical operations. By doing this, the system helps physicians understand where they currently stand. Epic Care’s reporting module is accompanied by an AI-driven analytics functionality.  

Medical practices can even implement their preferred data analysis models instead of using the augmented decision process. This service alone makes the software a worth-investing option. It breakdowns the performance reports into chunks to filter the key clinical aspects. Firstly, it compiles the entire data into a single warehouse for a user-based experience. Then, it helps set benchmarks and thus accelerates clinical growth. 

Telehealth: Smart tools are needed nowadays for handling patients with delicacy. And for providing care service to distant areas and chronic patients this service is a must. Epic offers an intuitive telehealth module for its customers. There’s no flaw in this robust virtual care module. Physicians can leverage this solution for availing an extensive range of services. More importantly, it acts as a doorstep towards achieving scalability.  

The unique telemedicine service by Epic Care is known for enhancing clinical credibility. It is not just about video conversations. There’s much more to that. It covers patient monitoring, meaning it provides remote care coverage. Then it offers referrals and interpretation services in form of summaries of past patient records. Lastly, this intuitive software after-care services includes financial consulting, follow-ups and staff counseling.  

Managed Care: Last on our list is care management. It seems like a simple process but it's the most complicated of all clinical processes. Care management services are to be dealt with with utmost care. What lies under this feature aspect is identifying patients susceptible to risks. It helps close the gaps in care facilities. Adding to it, it gives practitioners a heads up to cover the services patients may need in the future. This helps in coordinating the care delivery process.  

Managed care also includes aspects such as utilization management and customer relationship management. Both of them help create a stress-free environment for staff and patients. As a result, it strengthens the bonds between all the potential parties dealing with healthcare facilities. For better treatment and care, Epic focuses on processes like insurance eligibility. It also offers portals for the medical practice staff and physicians. And this helps in delivering managed care with visible information.  


For getting valuable information about Epic EMR software vendors, it is imperative to go through its reviews. From what we gathered this software is supported by a positive outlook from its clients. Users refer to it as a low-cost solution. The software is a feature-rich option for all medical practices. It effortlessly deals with billing and other administrative processes. The is a user-friendly, data-driven, and easy-to-use EMR solution. Overall, the system is supported by an excellent user satisfaction rate.  


The  EMR cost is self-hosted - starts as low as $1,200 and can top $500,000 for large clinics and hospitals. This EHR software can also be bought at an upfront price of about $1200 to $500,000 or more. To get an estimate of what Epic EMR software might cost, your healthcare organization requests pricing by clicking on the price button. 

Free trial

No, However, you can easily schedule an Epic EMR software demo by requesting the vendor.  




Epic electronic health record software does an exceptional job helping its providers participate in government regulatory programs. For example, more physicians have attested the Meaningful Use Stage 2 than users of any other system. In addition, it is easy to share charts across the care continuum with Epic, irrespective of which EHR other people use.   


Epic Systems was voted the top overall software suite in the 2018 Best in KLAS awards; the company has won this award eight years in a row.   

Technical Specifications

EpicCare has a server-based and a cloud-based application. It is a native window-based system. To run it on mac, you must install third-party software.   

For more details, check the epic EMR demo

EpicCare EMR software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

EpicCare EMR software reviews

Overall Rating

88 Reviews


Great option for healthcare

October 2021


Morning Dew Skin Specialist

It is easy to navigate and you can organize the charts into different features. You can decide what you want to keep and what you want to change.
There are a few tiny improvements needed and then it would be perfect.

It is epic

August 2021


WVU Medicine

I have had a good experience. The interface is really simple and nice to use. The doctors and administrators have had no issues. Their jobs are easier.
Overwhelming at first when we saw all the features.

Effective and easy to use

July 2021


Boston's Children Hospital

It is a simple platform with an abundance of customization options and features. The schedule can be organized according to demographics. You can create charts in different formats.
The difference between the doctors' and administrators' versions is ambiguous.

An excellent software

May 2021


Ensemble Health

My experience has been a positive one. I recommend it to everyone because of its user-friendliness and intuitive design.
Not much to say in the cons because it is so user-friendly.

It was great when I used it

April 2021


MHC Medical Products

It worked well and it was easy to input information. They designed it with the end-user in mind and it had the best interface out of all the software I have seen.
The learning curve was quite steep.

Comprehensive EHR software

April 2021


Cleveland Clinic

It is great and we have got everyone at the hospital on board. They have integrated all the modules well and continue to upgrade the software.
The layout changed after the last update and it took a while to get used to

Looking forward to using it for years

April 2021


Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

It has a clean interface with well-designed menus. You can access the complete medical history of your patients with just one click. There are no major glitches or bugs.
They should introduce a chat option too.

Boundless outcomes

March 2021


Medical Assistant

Epic is greatly flexible in its capacity to supply a part of functions to its clients within the healthcare settings. With its modern updates setting up orders for patients has never been simpler.
Client support isn't exceptionally open to client changes that are asked when it comes to simple tasks that may be made simpler by the input of buttons in certain areas.

A great EMR

March 2021


Medical Practice

Easy to use and understand. Everything is put together in an organized manner and EpicCare has made our work easier for us as a lot of time is saved by working on this and there is more than a single way to perform different tasks.
People who already struggle with technology find it difficult to use and it usually takes more time than expected to load things or require many clicks to open any required file.

Unlimited Possibilities

March 2021



It is a commonly used software so it is easy to work with. It is also easy to search up for patient's information.
It can be annoying at times as the IT team takes a long time to help and the team also makes things more complicated sometimes instead of resolving the issue.

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