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eTherapyDocs software focuses on pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy practices. Every user interface component helps automate practices aiming to boost productivity without pricey mass-market practice management systems. eTherapy Docs is unique in that it was created exclusively for pediatric offices by technicians who are passionate about providing excellent customer service! 

The features include billing, treatment notes, patient paperwork, and calendars. The solution supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. Excellent customer service is offered via phone, email, and online web chat. 

eTherapyDocs Key Features 

Electronic Note Entry 

Treatment documentation is simple with eTherapy Docs. The user interface allows for a detailed treatment narrative, voice dictation, easy viewing, updating, and inclusion of patient goals in your treatment notes. In addition, the powerful user interface includes all of the word processing features your practice needs, such as bold, underline, copy and paste, spell check, and other formatting options commonly found in a word processor. 

Appointment Calendar 

eTherapyDocs has a visual indicator for scheduled appointments that don't have their treatment notes. This helps therapists stay on top of their treatment notes and makes it simple to write notes by simply clicking on a calendar appointment. Administrators and billers can see missing treatment notes to help ease their completion and billing. 

Patient Documentation 

eTherapyDocs software is a digital solution that eliminates the need for paper. Those records that are exclusive to your practice stay that way. You can effortlessly upload your documents into the electronic file cabinet with software, providing a completely paperless environment and allowing authorized users to view patient data. 

eTherapyDocs EHR Pricing  

The software offers a monthly subscription-based pricing model. The pricing starts at $135.00 per month. eTherapyDocs EHR does not charge any additional costs. Licensing options are provided to ensure the price is consistent with each practice. You can contact the seller for more pricing information.  

Software Demo 

eTherapyDocs offers a free demo that can help you explore the software in a real-time setting. The demo is an excellent way for potential customers to test the software before purchasing. During the demo, you can navigate through the software and evaluate each feature in detail.  


According to eTherapyDocs reviews, the software has a generally positive rating. Users appreciate how the software digitizes everything and reduces manual workload. The customer support team is also available in case of any technical issues. You can read eTherapy EHR pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts 

The software was made because the field of pediatric therapy needed a Practice Management system that was geared toward children. The features and functions of eTherapyDocs EHR are made to help small to medium-sized pediatric therapy practices solve real problems they face. 

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