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EZ BIS office is a chiropractic practice management software suite. It allows the practice to choose what they need from the system by being modular and configurable The EZ BIS Office package includes integrated electronic medical records, insurance and patient invoicing, and appointment scheduling applications. 

With EZ BIS Office, you can also keep track of your inventory and make sales at the point of purchase. For a growing chiropractic business, the ONC-ATCB-certified application is highly recommended. EZ BIS Office is offered as a server-based on-premise solution or a cloud-hosted solution. You can select the best solution as per your needs! 

EZBIS Software Key Features  

Easy Scheduling 

EZBIS front desk scheduling tool displays each day's appointments, including missed and kept ones, in an easy-to-use interface. Automated appointment scheduling gives office personnel more freedom in scheduling appointments. 

User-friendly Interface 

The Electronic Health Record system provides chiropractors with the most advanced doctor-interface accessible today. You may avoid paper charts by seeing and entering health information straight into your computer system with EZBIS EHR.  

You can utilize a tablet PC, touch-screen PCs in each treatment room, voice dictation to input health information and notes, or traditional desktop or laptop computers to record patient information. There's even a way to use the built-in travel sheets to enter data on paper for later computer entry. 

Cloud Accessibility 

Cloud computing has numerous advantages, including utilizing applications from any location with internet connectivity and on various computing systems, including Macs. The cloud-based version provides all the on-premise, server-based EZ BIS Office features. It includes everything a chiropractic clinic requires for effective and efficient patient treatment and front and back-office operations. The software is also SCALABLE, making it ideal for any size practice, from a solo practitioner to multi-doctor and multi-location enterprises. 

EZBIS Software Pricing 

Want to know about the EZBIS EHR pricing? The system is modular in design, so it lets you only pay for the features you use. For example, you can start with the accounting and billing modules and add modules like scheduling, automatic SOAP notes, and inventory control. This technique helps lower the software's initial cost while allowing for practice development. 

You can contact the vendor to get more pricing details.  

Software Demo 

If you're still unsure whether EMR is worth the investment, we recommend booking an EZBIS software demo. The demo is a live setting where you may navigate the software and test its different capabilities. The system support team will help you explore the software in detail. Contact the seller to arrange for a demo. 


Most EZBIS EMR reviews are positive, indicating that customers are pleased with the product. You may learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the system by reading the reviews below. You can also share your experience if you are an EZBIS user. 

Our Thoughts  

EZBIS software is also scalable, making it ideal for any size practice, from a solo practitioner to multi-doctor and multi-location enterprises. The full EZ BIS Office integrates all accessible modules to create a complete practice administration solution, including billing, collections, scheduling, an electronic health record, and even a patient self-check-in module. 

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