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Demandforce Software is a user-friendly all-in-one solution that enables practices to automate a variety of time-consuming patient care-related tasks. Demandforce can help your practice increase productivity and patient acquisition while lowering no-show rates with features like appointment reminders, automated recall, two-way texting, and more. 

Software packages for Demandforce dentistry, primary care, dermatology, and veterinary medicine are available. The program is HIPAA-compliant and fully integrated. Monitoring the performance and development of your practice is simple thanks to the central dashboard. Additionally, you have 24/7 access to support and training materials. In order to manage your practice while on the go, the software also provides mobile access. 

Key Features 

Appointment Reminder 

You can send patients automated reminders for upcoming appointments using the software's appointment reminder feature. By doing this, you can make sure that patients don't overlook their appointments and maintain a full schedule. The appointment feature also enables you to keep track of cancellations and no-shows. This enables you to spot trends and adjust your schedule as necessary. The software's appointment scheduling function is a useful tool for any practice hoping to increase the number of patients it sees as a result. 

Online Booking 

Patients can easily make online appointments with Demandforce thanks to its online booking feature. They can check your availability and reserve a time that works for them with just a few clicks. Your Demandforce account is integrated with the booking, so all patient information is updated automatically. This will result in less work for you and an improved patient experience. Therefore, the online booking feature can be helpful if you're looking for a way to simplify your scheduling and make life easier for your staff and patients. 

Review and feedback 

Demand Force Software's Review and Feedback feature aims to persuade customers to share favorable reviews via feedback, surveys, forms, and multi-channel marketing campaigns. This makes it possible for companies to gather customer feedback and use it to enhance their goods and services. Additionally, the feature assists companies in locating and responding to unfavorable reviews, protecting the company's reputation. 

Demandforce Software Pricing 

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Demandforce Software Demo 

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Demandforce Software Reviews 

Positive customer feedback has been received for the software, with the majority praising its user-friendliness and time-saving features. The software, according to many users, has improved patient retention and acquisition rates in their practice. More Demandforce reviews can be found in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

Demandforce is a thorough, all-in-one solution that can assist your practice in increasing productivity and patient acquisition while lowering cancellations and no-show rates. Additionally, you can manage your practice while on the go with the Demandforce app. Demandforce is a great option if you're looking for a system to manage your appointments, interact with patients, and gather feedback.

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