EZDERM is an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution for medical practitioners in the dermatological field. The software is completely equipped with advanced features such as 3D Body Maps that allow physicians to document patient visits utilizing more than 3,000 anatomical locations. Their EHR system offers mobility and can be accessed through any Mac-supported device or connected iPad. Besides, these iPad capabilities allow users to capture, share, and retrieve images directly in the system.

EZDERM’s progress note tool stores medical notes securely without putting any practice at risk during audits. The platform enables practitioners to track problems for patients by using diagnostic image results. Other useful features of the vendor include image Comparison, documentation, advanced cosmetic module, and a patient problem tracker. EZDERM offers multiple customizations, which allows the providers to see what they want to.

Price: Not provided. Users can contact the vendor for pricing details.

Free Trial: Yes.

Support: The software offers online and business hours support.

USP: The vendor provides a variety of customizations, which allows the providers to work according to their preferences.

Product Advantages: EZDERM comes with an SMS notification and appointment reminder functionality to reduce no-shows.

Product Limitations: Their customer service response is a bit low.


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