Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology offers gGastro EHR, a fully integrated platform designed for gastroenterologists. It combines the attributes of an electronic health records (EHR) system and endoscopy report writer (ERW) in one solution for private practices, ASCs and hospitals. Audio & visual synchronous telehealth is also available with its gTelehealth platform. 

The gGastro EHR includes built-in MIPS data collection and scorecards, customizable notes, speech-to-text software compatibility, GI-specific task workflow and knowledge base, nursing notes, clinical decision support and one-click visit note finalization. It interfaces with regional health systems and connects to GIQuIC.The gGastro ERW can operate standalone or integrate with gGastro EHR, allowing teams to update key patient data without duplicate entries. The gGastro Mobile EHR app allows providers to access schedules and patient data from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.The gGastro Suite also includes practice management, business operations services, analytics for benchmarking and reporting, iPad kiosk for check-in and checkout, an online patient portal and a patient appointment reminder service as well as video & audio telehealth. 

gGastro EHR

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