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The Hello Health Electronic Health Record, Practice Management System, Patient Portal, and Telehealth solution are all made with the practitioner in mind. The software, which was created with the help of medical professionals, improves the efficiency of practices and gets patients more involved. 

Hello Health runs in the cloud and doesn't need any office space. Updates and upgrades are free and happen automatically, so practices always have the latest technology for an exact low monthly cost. 

Hello Health Software Key Features  

Patient Portal 

It's safe to say that patients love being able to check their health summaries online at any time of day or night. Through the patient portal account, they can send messages to their doctor, make appointments, ask for prescription renewals, access essential documents, and get practice updates. 

You can also use a mobile app called PortalConnect to get to the portal. This makes things easier for patients because they can get all this critical information from anywhere safely. 

Easy Scheduling 

With Hello Health EMR, practices can let their patients set up appointments online safely. This makes things easier for patients and frees up phone lines so that practice staff can focus on other essential tasks. Patients will only be able to see the specific scheduling preferences of the practice or doctor. Everything is easy to change and easy to make your own. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is a part of the Hello medical Practice Management System, and it has a lot of great features that help practices get essential money. It includes whether a patient has insurance, how much they owe, reports, etc. All of these things are made for independent practices and their billing needs. 

Hello Health Software Cost  

Practices can choose the Standard option, a complete package, or they can only offer Telehealth to their patients. Unfortunately, the pricing model is not shared publicly so you may contact the vendor for more details.  

Software Demo  

Are you unsure whether or not the Hello Health EMR software is the ideal option for you? Don't worry; the company will provide you with a free demonstration. It enables you to test the software in real-time to determine its capabilities. You can also have a peek at the software to decide whether or not it satisfies your requirements. 


The reviews prove that users love the software and its unique features. The Electronic Health Record has a lot of information and is easy to use. Doctors especially like that as they can change the platform to fit their needs and use it from anywhere. You can learn more about the pros and cons by reading the Hello Health software reviews below!  

Our Thoughts 

The clinical software from Hello Healthcare gives independent practices the tools they need to automate their workflow. This makes patient care more accessible and improves relationships with patients. The Hello Health EHR and Practice Management System works for a wide range of practices and specialties. The EHR has features that help primary care, specialty care, and concierge practices.

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Hello Health Software reviews

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