HubSpot CRM Software

Hubspot CRM Software is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that allows for users to convert leads into sales. The software has email marketing campaigns capabilities, insight tools to measure performance and ROI as well as tools meant for lead generation. 

With Hubspot CRM you can run complex digital marketing campaigns in-house with the help of the software. The software also allows users to monitor how their campaigns are doing and whether they are effective. 

Key Features of Hubspot CRM Software

Hubspot features which make this software a great choice. 

Email Campaigns

 Email campaigns are easily made with Hubspot since the software has email templates and scheduling features which makes the entire process very simple. 

Customer Support

 You can reach out to Hubspot’s customer support staff at all times to help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having. 

Insight Tools

 The insight tools in Hubspot CRM allow users to have a real-time idea about how their business is doing and whether their investment in their online marketing is paying off. 


 The software helps generate leads for users which can be further converted to sales and put on their own customized marketing plan.

Meeting Scheduling

 The software allows for users to schedule meeting so they can meet with clients and more through it. 

Hubspot CRM Pricing

The software has four different pricing tiers. There is also a free version of the software. The cheapest option for the paid version starts at $50 per month and the most expensive paid version costs about $3200 a month! 

Free Trial

Yes, you can get a free trial of any of the versions of the software you are considering. In fact, the free version of the software is free even after the trial! 

Pros & Cons Of Hubspot CRM Software


Users can easily integrate any sales software they might be using to Hubspot and automatically have all their customer’s information transferred to the software. 

Users can customize and format the email template as they please so that it suits their needs exactly. 

The software is configured with webinar-related software and websites so if customers or any leads to register for a webinar, the sales team is immediately notified. 


Sometimes the tool which allows formatting emails can act up and does not allow you to format your email. 

You cannot add tags to forms so that they can be sorted out according to the values chosen in those forms; everything goes to one place. 

Hubspot CRM is a wonderful tool for any business to employ if they are looking to increase their sales and increase their return on investment for their marketing budget! 

The software is highly recommended by a lot of users because of the robust features it has which make it a wonderful option. 

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HubSpot CRM Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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HubSpot CRM Software reviews

Overall Rating

29 Reviews


Great marketing software

June 2021

Nabin Poudel

Curl Labs

Combine all key tools for marketing
Quite expensive service


October 2019



It is easy to use. I really enjoyed the time I used to work on it. It has helped me use my skills in a better way. It is a nice tool and many companies do use it. I have also added it to my resume as it’s a popular tool.
There aren’t any complaints. For me it’s a pretty decent software.

Amazing Tool!

October 2019


Acton Institute

It is an amazing tool. I basically use it for event marketing. The email templates are easy to use. To schedule the social media postings are fun and easy as well. This tool helps me save a lot of time. The training conference that took place in Chicago was very helpful and I do feel quite empowered after it.
There are a few times when I noticed that the system just hangs whenever I include or exclude an individual contact to an eblast.

Tool is fantastic, but price is a lot

September 2019


Premium Health Content

A person with little to zero experience can easily use this tool. It is simple and easy to use. It is a well-designed and intuitive tool. They also provide you with all the useful information that one might need in order to use it.
The price of this tool is quite pricey, and there are many other tools that are cheaper in comparison to it, but they aren’t as simple to use as this one. They take annual payments rather than monthly, which is a shame.


September 2019


Axios Systems

This tool seems to be the market leader. You can do a lot with the help of this tool. Integrations with other CRMs are easy. Learning how to use the tool doesn’t take much time.
Data extraction isn’t as easy as one might think of it. Even after looking at many easy tutorials, it does not look that way.

Great for start-ups

September 2019



Once you learn the tool and know how to navigate through, it gets all easy to go through all the steps in the sales process, etc. The customer service is great. They do offer a lot of online training opportunities which is amazing.
Can be a bit complex for people with no tech background.

Great Software

August 2019


Goldline photography

It is a great software. It has helped me grow my business. It automated all my marketing needs. I used Facebook ads but that didn’t help me or my business in any ways. Hubspot has been great in every way and I’ll continue to use this system.
None so far.

Easy to use

August 2019



I had no experience when it came to using HubSpot and the rest of my team members were already using this software. I had to speed up my learning just to get started with it, and to my surprise, it wasn’t hard at all. I was able to easily see the statuses on all of my accounts and also create marketing campaigns with not much experience. They offer a lot of email templates, which made it easier for me to get started with.
It has a very limited set of fonts in the email creation section and those fonts do not match our overall branding, which is kind of an off for us.

It’s a breeze!

August 2019


Universal Lending

I like Hubspot. It offers a variety of templates from which I can create the emails that I want to send out. I can easily customize the templates in my own way, which I really like about it. With the help of this tool, I am able to send out custom newsletters to employees. This tool has been amazing for me and my job.
There were times when the system would get a bit complicated due to so many features. There are many tasks that do not require a whole lot of features to be used, and that’s what complicated things the most.


August 2019


Bm Graphics

Customer service is great, the team is knowledgeable and are quick in responding. You get what you pay for. The interface is simple and easy. Hubspot is a much better choice than Godaddy. Hubspot notifies you each time your website has been shared and how many people are viewing it, this is something that Godaddy didn’t provide.
If you get all the add-ons, it becomes quite expensive.

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