ICANOTES is a web-based, user-friendly EHR software designed to manage healthcare records for behavioral health practitioners. The software works like a clinician and takes notes via self-coding features. These notes include code generation responses, which can help users with recording mental health and other health statuses. Key features include e-prescribing, charting tools and capabilities, claims management, billing and security tools, etc. Its button-driven narrative charting capability allows users to quickly create documents. ICANotes offers customizable point-and-click templates and a robust behavioral health content engine. The system is best suitable for mid-sized practices, but individual practitioners and small and large healthcare companies can also make use of it.

The platform features a patient portal to help patients enter demographic data and their complete history. ICANotes can be customized and tailored as per the patient requirements and data to offer a quick diagnosis and response rate – it comes with every patient's history of the disease. ICANotes is known for its charting capabilities, which are integrated into its EHR system. With this software, users don't have to go into the hassle of transcribing whatever the patient is saying, rather they can utilize the system’s self-coding feature to sort documentation in minutes.

ICANotes is easy to use software – health practitioners don’t need rigorous training to get a grip on their charting workflow and processes. On top of this, the platform is said to release updates for compliance and maintaining with the contemporary industry standards, and also incorporates, provides suggestions by the users. The system is geared towards mental health practices and provides a good note-taking framework through the use of pre-formatted buttons.

Price: The pricing plan for ICANotes starts at $39.00 per month per user. Users can contact the vendor for additional details, and ask for a quote.

Free Trial: It offers a free trial. There is no free version of this software.

Support: The software offers 24/7 live support.

USP: ICANotes provides practitioners with comprehensive and quick documentation options that meet the industry criteria.

Product Advantages: It offers features that make charting easier and faster. The software allows users to create clinically-relevant notes in less time and enables them to spend more time with patients - focusing more on growing practice, and getting paid faster with no audit stress. Users can also create their buttons and headings for notes. Their HIPAA compliant system makes customizing documents easier. It even provides support to train clinicians. 

Product Limitations: Users often complain about screen freezing. It gets frustrating due to connection problems.


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