Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient Software

Insights is a web-hosted and mobile therapy-specific EMR by Clinicient software. It strives to enhance the therapist's experience by providing an all-inclusive platform. This all-in-one solution offers documentation, scheduling, reporting, and telemedicine services. In addition, it aims to increase practice efficiency by featuring flexible features to deliver managed patient care. 

If needed, medical practices can effortlessly handle schedules by integrating into existing healthcare systems. Clinicient provides an EMR system that is especially beneficial for outpatient rehab. It covers a wide range of necessary features ranging from registering your patients to managing their billing.  

Clinicient Insight EMR is advanced enough to assist in tracking Medicare Caps and will give you alerts regarding Medicare as well. The PQRS feature is automated, making claims super easy thanks to a one-click submittal system. Thanks to a Corrections Queue designed for incomplete claims, claims will also be accurate.  

Apart from enhancing workflow, Clinicient Insight EMR  provides analytics. This relates to managing the practice as well as clinical reports. In addition, Clinicient helps a practice improve via its coaching features. It can help prepare for audits and even identify denial trends.   

The vendor offers an integrated web-based EMR, PM, and billing solution that improves outcomes for outpatient rehabilitation practices. This modular platform is built using functionalities that synchronize data between financial and clinical workflows of medical practices and hospitals.  

INSIGHT is a unified EMR platform that helps clinicians manage appointment scheduling, patient registration, accounts receivable, documentation, medical recording, and other day-to-day tasks. The EMR software offers tailor-fit services to serve the unique needs of multiple specialties, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy facilities.  

Insight EMR-Features, Pricing, and Reviews

Here we have listed down the differentiating features, reviews, and pricing plans of Insight EMR.  

Insight EMR Features:

Financial Management: The key differentiator of Insight EMR is its feature-rich financial management module. The RCM solution of this software works closely with the EMR module. This integration helps generate better practical insights into the solution. Not only does it handle bills, but it allows for optimized charges too. Adding to it, the software simplifies denial management too.  

It verifies charges before submitting claims and supports an automated charge capture feature. It aggregates the charges and optimizes billable units for improving performance. Insight EMR creates a holistic view of financial health by using key performance indicators and setting benchmarks.  

Process Automation: Automation is a crucial functionality demanded by all clinical practices. This IT-driven healthcare system automates all clinical procedures. It starts by converting manual patient records to electronic databases. After digitizing, the software automatically organizes all medical documents into the respective patient portals.  

Then comes appointment scheduling, patient check-ins, portal updating, and payment handling. By integrating all its services into one platform, it speeds up all clinical procedures. From appointment handling to payment clearance, it automates all processes with care. This results in improved clinical efficiency and enhanced staff effectiveness.  

Reporting Module: The reporting functionality is the heart of Insight EMR software. The vendor knows how crucial reporting is to medical practices. This is the only way practitioners can look into their clinical performance. For this purpose, the software offers a kit of reporting tools and services. Not only does it create reports, but it analyzes the content afterward.  

Insight EMR reviews reveal that users laud this distinctive functionality. The reporting tools included in this module are no-shows, A/R management, and medical coding. There are also services for tracking the business metrics. 81% of the users of this vendor believe that this service makes Insight EMR a low-cost solution.  

Documentation: Clinicient EMR provides an exclusive suite for documentation. It was created by the therapists to cater to the clinical needs of all therapeutic and other practices. The goal behind designing this suite was to simplify charting possess. The software meets the expectations of medical professionals by handling the documentation process with ease.  

It does so in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations. Another thing that comes within the documentation suite is voice-to-text-recognition. This feature helps with creating new documents or editing the previous ones. Practitioners can use it to edit patient charts, progress notes, etc. And all these edited documents are automatically uploaded on patient portals.  

Insight EMR Reviews

This remarkable software is supported by good user feedbacks. Clinicient Insight EMR is easy to navigate. Users can personalize the software to meet their clinic's needs. Their support staff is very responsive and professional. It allows clinicians to create goals easily from the objective data. It will enable keeping billing in-house while offering a salient opportunity to reaping the Insight Solution’s benefits.  

Insight EMR Pricing

Insight EMR comes with an affordable pricing structure. The pricing plan for this product starts at $50.00 per month per user.  Insight EMR also offers quote-based cost plans. It enables practitioners to customize the pricing packages. The system doesn’t provide a free trial. But it gives a free demo for all its clients.

Support: The software offers online support during business hours.

Insight EMR USP: It allows therapists to create documents at the point of care.  

Insight EMR Advantages:  

  • Rule-based Billing: The software provides insurance rule-based billing tools to automate billing operations as no other vendor can.  Also, it helps optimize charges and payments and minimize the denial rate.  
  • Business Analytics: Its business analytics capability allows practitioners to measure essential on-demand metrics. Adding to it, the software offers meaningful insight into the health of their practices. 
  • RCM services: Clinicient Insight EMR offers an entire pack of reliable services and a robust revenue cycle module. Its revenue cycle team offers compliant billing services to handle payment collection thoroughly. It also speeds up payment processing through day-to-day billing, payment posting, and follow-ups. This intact software assists medical professionals in collecting what they rightfully owe. 

Insight EMR Limitations:  

  • It does not include a wait-list feature for scheduling.  
  • It doesn’t offer an e-signature facility. 
  • There are times when the software doesn’t run smoothly. 

Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel my Clinicient InsightEMR subscription?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with your Clinicient services or merely want to switch to another vendor, you have the option to cancel your subscription and get a new one in its place!

Does Clinicient InsightEMR have monthly or yearly payments?

Clinicient InsightEMR usually charges a monthly fee for providing its software and services to users.

Does Clinicient InsightEMR provide training?

Yes, Clinicient InsightEMR provides live training to users who ask for it and has several videos available online that you can consult and learn to use the software from!

Is Clinicient InsightEMR a good EHR choice?

Clinicient InsightEMR is one of the biggest EHR software providers in North America and comes highly recommended according to dozens of reviews online from experts.

What is the price for Clinicient InsightEMR?

Clinicient InsightEMR unfortunately does not share pricing publicly but you can send the vendor for the software a request for a quote. However, a lot of reviews talk about how affordable the EHR is.

Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient Software reviews

Overall Rating

73 Reviews


We are satisfied

August 2021


BSR Physical Therapy

It helps us navigate through all the files with ease. We can integrate clinical software and add billing details too. Our practice has grown to triple its size ever since we began using Clinicient.
No cons.

3 years of bliss

July 2021


Envision Sport Physical Therapy and Pilates

I am happy with it overall. The software team has done a great job. The quality of documentation and other features is mind-blowing. The system is reliable for billing as well.
Sometimes we experience downtime for the software but doesn't happen very often.

Great EMR all around

June 2021


PT Works

It helps with the documentation, scheduling and billing. It is compliant with all the other software. It is interoperable.
There are no cons but the customization of formatting is unavailable.

Practical for physical therapists

May 2021


Class Inc

We paid for the training and they delivered a great presentation with a hands-on component. It can be customized for each therapist according to their goals.
Technical support is not easy to get a hold of.

Great Learning Curve

April 2021



Planning is straightforward. It is good that you can fax notes straight from EMR. They have an internet platform that can be used when not within the clinic, in spite of the fact that it isn't comparable to your desktop app at all.
I feel like a few features that appeared in the demo are not really a portion of the program unless you pay indeed more.

Effective solution!

April 2021


Advanced Physical Therapy

It helps us create reports and run everything according to our customization. The software is web-based and easily accessible from anywhere.
We have to wait for the server to refresh at times

Best decision for a small clinic!

April 2021


Kona Rehab

It is so simple but robust. We can easily navigate the system. They personalized it for our small clinic and the customer support is always available.
The scheduling should include a wait list too.

Satisfied user

April 2021


Avid Physical Therapy

It has helped us switch from paper to electronic records. They allow us to take notes and there are therapy specific templates.
It becomes slow when a lot of users are logged on.

Long training period

April 2021



Insight makes scheduling very easy. You can access it online and there is no need to install the software.
The team was very helpful but it has a long learning curve and takes a lot of time to get used to. Many of the features are premium and have additional costs.

Clinicient is incredible

March 2021


Individual and Family Services

you cannot only be able to see your plan for the day but the week too. Month, and as distant as the plan is set for in development.
I truly don't have any loathes with this app. I will say when I begin with getting the overhaul, it was befuddling to examined.

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Call us at

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