InSync EHR, PM & RCM Software

What Is InSync EHR? 


InSync is a cloud-based EHR that offers integrated practice management and revenue cycle management. It helps healthcare providers manage their patient records securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

InSync EHR offers features such as appointment scheduling, billing, e-prescribing, patient portal, and more. InSync EHR is adaptable to meet the specific needs of different medical specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, psychiatry, and more. 

What Is InSync EHR Best For? 

One feature that InSync stands out for is its clearinghouse integration, enabling healthcare providers to conveniently send claims and receive payments electronically. This feature offers insurance verification to automatically check for errors in the claim before it is sent to the payer, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of data. It also uses intelligent routing to send claims to the most appropriate insurance company based on experience. 

Furthermore, InSync EHR's clearinghouse integration ensures the timely processing of payments by connecting directly with various Medicare and other insurance carriers. 

InSync EHR Pricing 

The software offers customizable pricing plans based on the products and the size of each practice. Click on Get Pricing for a detailed guide to the InSync EHR pricing. 

InSync EHR Integrations 

InSync software integrates with several third-party applications to enhance practice management. However, the vendor does not disclose its third-party integrations. 

You can contact our customer support by clicking on Watch Demo for more information. 

How Does InSync EHR Work? 

Here is how you can get started with InSync EMR: 

  • Log in using your credentials 
  • Add your practice information, such as your practice name, phone number, and address, by clicking the "Practice" tab located in the main menu 
  • Add or import patient data by selecting the "Patient" option in the main menu. You can add an individual or batch of patients, upload existing patients' data from an Excel sheet, or import from other EHR software 
  • After adding the patient data, you can start scheduling appointments 
  • From the dashboard, you can select the patient and appointment options, add new patients, and check patient history 
  • To do this, select the appointment option in the main menu and click the "Add Appointment" button. You can then specify the appointment date, time, provider, and other details 
  • After setting up the interface, you can configure settings such as billing and clinical documentation settings, reports settings, and more 

You can click on Watch Demo to learn more about the software’s functionalities.  

Who Is InSync EHR For? 

InSync is a practice management software that offers a fully integrated EHR with revenue cycle management features. InSync EHR is suitable for various specialties, including: 

  • Behavioral health 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Group therapy 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Inpatient recovery 

InSync EHR Features 

  • Patient Portal 
    InSync EHR lets patients access their health records and communicate with healthcare providers in a secure online environment. The patient portal is designed to increase patient engagement, improve communication, and streamline patient care by providing patients with easy-to-use tools to take control of their health. The portal also allows patients to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and securely communicate with healthcare providers. 
  • Electronic Prescription 
    InSync EHR allows healthcare providers to issue and manage prescriptions electronically. The e-prescribing feature allows providers to access a comprehensive database of medications, dosages, and interactions, promoting safe and secure medication management. Additionally, providers can view patients' medication history, allergies, and other critical information that can affect medication prescription or use. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
    InSync helps medical professionals streamline and optimize their billing processes. It offers tools to manage the revenue cycle, making the process more efficient and effective while optimizing revenue streams.  
    The software automates the billing process and ensures accurate coding and timely submission of claims to insurance companies, reducing the chances of rejected claims. 
  • Telehealth 
    InSync helps healthcare providers offer remote services and consultations to their patients. The feature provides tools to conduct virtual consultations and appointments in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. 
  • Medical Transcription 
    InSync enables healthcare providers to transcribe and document patient encounters seamlessly and efficiently. Utilizing the latest voice recognition and handwriting recognition, InSync's transcription feature ensures high accuracy, speed, and quality. 

Is InSync EHR Right For You? 

InSync EHR is a cloud-based healthcare software with a level of customization that can adhere to any practice's unique workflows. The practice management software integrates medical billing and electronic medical records to ensure robust management of medical practices. Physicians can use it to manage electronic claims submission, patient scheduling, and to create quick physical exam charts. 

InSync helps practices maintain compliance, ensures easy onsite or virtual implementation, and provides health insurance portability. Still not sure if InSync is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision.  

InSync EHR Pricing 

InSync pricing may differ depending on your practice type and needs. Please click the Get Pricing button below for a customized pricing guide. 

InSync EHR, PM & RCM Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Allows providers to create and customize templates
  • User-friendly interface
  • A range of reporting features allows providers to analyze practice data


  • Cost can be a significant barrier for some practices
  • Steep learning curve

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does InSync Software cost?

InSync software does not disclose its pricing details. You can get the full pricing guide by clicking on Get Pricing.

Is InSync Software cloud-based?

Yes, InSync software is a cloud-based platform.

What are the main features of InSync Software?

InSync offers features like telehealth, patient portal, revenue cycle management, and more.

What level of support does InSync Software offer?

InSync offers email and phone support.

Who are the main users of InSync Software?

InSync software is used in hospitals and clinics by clinical staff members. It supports practices offering behavioral health, substance abuse support, and speech therapy.

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InSync EHR, PM & RCM Software reviews

Overall Rating

31 Reviews


Smooth workflows

July 2022


Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center

They offer a customized solution to maximize the efficiency of your practice's workflow. There are a lot of features included and the training was comprehensive. Much appreciated.
There are no cons to report for this software.

Very flexible to your needs.

June 2022


New Beginnings Health

InSync EHR, PM & RCM Software is very flexible and can be customized according to your needs which is amazing.
The cost is very high but honestly, I cannot blame them because I understand why that is so, all these amazing features are worth it.

Exceptional implementation work

May 2022


Nova Counseling Services

Transitioning to Insync was smoother than we anticipated at the start. The implementation team was very helpful in walking us through the whole process. The software is very easy to use. Requires little to no former tech experience whatsoever. The implementation team was very efficient in setting up the system according to our requirements. I am very pleased with its overall performance. Very nice.
It took us a little time to adjust the system to our residential practice because the software is originally designed to cater to outpatient services. We wanted to replace all of our outdated software, but the system does not offer advanced reporting features.

Amazing company to partner with.

May 2022


Midwest Medical Billing Service, Inc.

Customer support at InSync is always quick to respond and can either answer our questions or point us in the right direction. The sales team is amazing and always available to answer any questions or concerns that I or a new provider joining InSync might have. We've been assigned to a specific support agent who is extremely knowledgeable about our industry. They've had a positive experience.
Although there are many good aspects to the system, one of the recent issues has been the system going down suddenly, which has impacted not only our billing capacities but also our providers' access to schedulers and EMR. Another issue is that InSync does not currently accept all areas of expertise.

An affordable and great software.

May 2022


Capstone Behavioral Health, PC

We needed applications that could be tailored to fulfill all of the different criteria we have for our various contracts and accreditation for our broad mental health practice (60+ providers). That is indeed what we have been looking for. It is extremely user-friendly and has greatly increased the quality of our practice. We're already using InSync's RCM (billing) far, impressive, very nice!
There may be a few small and minor things that would improve our workflows, but since we identified them, InSync added them to their list of requests for product improvements. For example, we'd love to be able to use the product to send out Client Satisfaction Surveys, but this isn't currently possible.

Tailored to our needs.

April 2022


Private Physician's Office

We just started using InSync, and so far the best part has been the vendor's support. They took the time to explain the product's functionality and ensure that our company's requirements were met. I really like how insync can be tailored to individual patient needs, allowing operations to flow efficiently and effectively.
It took some time to figure out how to use the software, but once we did, it was simple and easy to use. Another issue we've had is that switching between pages can take a long time at times. Apart from that, InSync has been flawless.

Highly recommended.

June 2021


Leg Up Farm

This app is extremely user-friendly and simple to understand. It has a lot to offer, including several choices for customizing the software to meet the needs of your practice.
Understanding the billing process in detail is a little tough. It can be frustrating to go from one clearinghouse to another.

Not compatible with MAC.

April 2021


Family Strategies & Coaching

We have just scratched the surface of what this product has to offer, but so far we are very pleased with what we have been able to accomplish with it. The customer service is out of this world.
They are not compatible with MacBook. We use Apple devices in our office, and although there is a substitute for more functionality, it is not ideal. The Insurance Scanner and Signature Pad, which we paid for, are still unavailable.

Amazing customer service

April 2021


Meridian Behavioral Health

It is the best EHR software and has amazing customer support. They have a nice setup and you can add prescriptions for medicine too.
Patient portal could be better with more functionality

Amazing customer service.

April 2021


Care Tec Pediatric Center

The customer support and implementation team have been very responsive and helpful. I find it very easy to operate this software along with its wide range of customizing options.
I find it difficult to schedule appointments in the system. More features could be added to scheduling such as drag and drop, color coding, and addition of time frames.

Best customer support team!

April 2021


Integrated Health Center

The whole company as well as the software is phenomenal. I bought this software when it was newly launched in the market, and since then I have seen it make improvements in its system and features that better accommodate my needs as a physician. The support team is always there to respond when I encounter any problems. They are readily available and have offered solutions whenever I came across any sort of glitches. I am really happy with the customer support.
Every so often, it feels as if I am not quite familiar with the features which make it different from other EMR software. More learning can be carried out in this regard on my part.

Best customer support!

April 2021


Meridian Behavioral Health

I am happy with the setup and it also has a prescription feature built-in which is convenient. Most of all their customer support is amazing and they have been on long calls with us until our issue was resolved.
The appointment reminder and cancellation feature are not synced which always causes confusion.

Cherish the software, not so much the execution stage

March 2021


Mental Health Care

Adaptability! This is often so adaptable that we will get just what we require for our practice. On the off chance that it doesn't as of now do it, they are willing to make highlights that will offer assistance to us and others.
Setting up protection companies was a bit of a challenge; in any case, that's since I overlooked altering my address on the MediCare site which caused a glitch in handling claims.

Outstanding Performance

March 2021


Mental Health Care

I can easily customize anything I want. Also, it is easy to use as it's cloud-based.
Setting up insurance companies was a bit difficult for me but that was due to the fact that I forgot to change my address on the website which caused some malfunctioning.

Impressive EHR

February 2021


Management Consultant

A range of good qualities were discovered by my practice. This includes the user-friendly setup of the software. It provides access to detailed tracking, workable rejections, and posting payments.
It could use an AR tracking tool enabling assignments for staff to be allocated allowing their productivity to be measured.

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Call us at

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