iPatientCare is a cloud-based EHR system that offers integrated medical billing and practice management solution. The software allows users to choose from cloud-based and on-premise deployment. IPatientCare comes with a certification for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Ambulatory and Inpatient, ONC and CCHIT and can accommodate more than 200 physicians. The software allows users to automate patient management using features such as credentialing, referral authorization, patient enrollment, patient fee submission and collection, denial management, eligibility verification, and claims scrubbing. Users can also store patient records at their end by using the on-premise version.

This interoperable healthcare software offers customizable features including visual analog scales, pre- programmed buttons, charting module, templates restructuring, patient chart tabs, and E&M coding. iPatientCare is a specialty-focused EHR system that streamlines the workflows of Ambulatory and Inpatient segments.

Pricing: Complete pricing details are given on their official website.

USP: The software offers a feature that allows a quick and hassle-free documentation of chief complaints, as well as history of the present illness.

Support: Support is extended through email and phone.

Product Advantages: The software comes with a charge capturing feature that optimizes the Evaluation and Management (E&M) of medical practices. iPatientCare also offers an E&M Advisor Tool so the users can view E&M guidelines and checklists.

Product Limitations: The only web browser option is Internet Explorer, so it limits the equipment clinics’ purchase and use.

iPatientCare EHR Software

iPatientCare EHR Software reviews

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Fulton Pediatrics

2-10 employees

September 2020

Loved the experience

Super easy to use and the customer service is amazing.

The one issue I have with this software is that it doesn't connect to different locations.

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