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iTRUST is an all-in-one practice management cloud-based EHR system for the optometry department. It has a self-service patient portal which increases patient engagement. An Intuitive POS system manages your financial department for you. This HIPAA-Compliant software offers in-app chatting and messaging for both patients and doctors. iTRUST EMR is a SAAS software that can be accessed through Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, or any web-based device.  

You can streamline patient care with automated scheduling and management tools. It improves operational performance with effortless prescription, booking, real-time scheduling, auto-reminders, and seamless transactions. It offers report summaries and real-time analytics with a single touch. iTRUST cloud EHR also offers integration with PayPal, Square, AWS, Stripe, Bluebash, and TriZetto. 

Key Features 

Customized Cloud EHR 

You can update patient profiles and appointment details on the EHR. The software auto-updates and manages the charts. Recall tracking, reminders, alarms, and automated alerts save time and effort. You can do online scheduling, tracking, and cancellations on a single screen. Real-time tracking, integration, and communication help you manage your optometry clinic.  

Complete Patient Management 

iTrust EMR allows you to customize patient profiles, update data, and transfer it to other doctors. You can increase patient engagement with e-prescription, online customized message templates, and claims management. It has an integrated iTRUST Calendar to regulate bookings and reminders.  

Effective Lab Integration 

You can send data to labs for testing and diagnosis. It provides a comprehensive report view with batch reports and charting. You can contact any pharmacy in the world for e-prescribing medicines and contacting patients. With streamlined charting, you can customize your workflows. The charting templates by iTRUST medical software decreases human error and finalize patient exams.  

iTRUST Software Pricing 

iTRUST EHR offers both monthly and yearly plans with different features and tools. The two main plans are: 

Yearly Plan: $99/M per doctor / location (no set-up fee) 

Monthly Plan: $149/M per doctor / location (no set-up fee) 

iTRUST Demo  

iTRUST Software provides a free version of the EMR. You can contact the vendor for the free trial and demo it has to offer. It offers training through In Person, Live Online, Webinars, and Documentation. 

iTRUST Software Reviews 

Many users have rated this software positively. iTRUST EMR provides a complete customizable patient profile and doctor dashboard for controlling and management. You can regulate appointments, transfer patient data, and use 2-way communication. iTRUST practice management software improves business with comprehensive office analytics, optical inventory management, and point of sales management. You can see more reviews in our Review Section. 

Our thoughts 

iTRUST medical software is a HIPAA-Compliant optometry EHR and automated PM system which improves the quality of practice. The cost-effective tool is made specifically for ODs. You can create customized order forms and itemized receipts for patient service. It offers one-to-one boarding facilities with recall management and patient records. 360 vendor security and compliance offer a secure and authentic platform for complete clinical management. 

iTRUST Software Pricing

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