Kipu Software

Kipu Systems is a cloud-based solution designed specifically for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Facilities. It enables hospitals to improve their operations by making it easier to track new arrivals and discharged patients. In addition, it allows more effective recording of therapy session notes, creating reports to evaluate treatment, sharing of assessment, management of prescription orders, and compliance with recommended aftercare requirements. 

Kipu Software Key Features  

Lab Integration 

Kipu Health EMRs' lab connectivity capability allows you to save time, gather insights, and identify which patients require assistance. In addition, the lab integration speeds up and simplifies ordering tests and getting results, which are fully documented in Kipu EMR. Thanks to Kipu EHR business intelligence, you can see all lab orders, requisitions, and impacts with Labs. 

This powerful technology allows you to connect with your lab partners digitally in real-time, reducing physical paperwork and significant response times. Furthermore, you can prepare the Statements of Medical Necessity and Medical Necessity Documentation Report (MNDR) required by most insurance carriers. 


Kipu software also offers a telehealth feature that enables patients and providers to connect virtually. This tool was beneficial during COVID-19 when patients couldn’t travel due to lockdowns. In addition, Telehealth allows virtual consultations, which are helpful for both patients and providers. 

Telehealth makes it easy to meet patients where they are, with appointment scheduling capabilities built right in. 

Patient Engagement 

The software makes it simple to plan appointments, assign tasks, and notify patients. Patients can use a secure online portal to complete and share forms in real-time, view appointments and medications, start telehealth sessions, and more, all from their own homes. 

The powerful software allows you to provide patients with real-time treatment and care information. Furthermore, you can communicate patient-facing information with a single click.

Kipu Software Pricing 

Do you want to know about the Kipu EHR pricing? The pricing begins at $3.00. Unfortunately, the company does not share more pricing details, so you may have to contact the vendor to get a quote for your practice.  

Software Demo 

If you are still wondering whether EMR is worth an investment or not, we suggest you organize a demo to evaluate the software in detail. The demo will help you delve deeper into the software’s features, so you decide whether it fulfills your practice needs or not. 


The EMR is popular among users because of its user-friendly interface and robust features. Users praise the software by giving it 4–5-star reviews. You can read the detailed pros and cons of EHR below.  

Our Thoughts

Kipu EMR has transformed behavioral healthcare by providing a single platform that performs everything. Patients receive the correct care at the right time because of unrivaled visibility into the whole care experience. Kipu's behavioral health EMR also eliminates inefficient processes, freeing up critical time for patient care. A happier workforce equals better patient care. 

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