Lighthouse 360 PM Software

Lighthouse 360 Practice Management Software is robust cloud-based practice management (PM) system designed to meet the unique needs of dentists. The software is also a patient communication solution that allows dental practices to reduce no-shows, improve patient care, and acquire new patients. It enables clinicians to automatically send messages to patients to remind them of their scheduled procedures and upcoming appointments. Using Lighthouse 360 Practice Management Software, users can generate lists of patients who haven’t confirmed their appointments so that they can follow up on them directly. Not only this, but they can also reach out to inactive or dormant patients.

The platform allows dentists to gain and convert more customers through social media, patient reviews, and photo galleries. The Lighthouse 360 Tutorial enables users to follow along and easily comprehend the product. On top of this, dentists can activate reminder messaging for individual patients who undergo treatment procedures or need to follow up for recommended treatments. They can also send confirmation messages or responses automatically to the practice management systems when patients confirm their appointments through email, phone, or text. Users can request a Lighthouse 360 Demo to get a complete overview of the solution.

The software automatically detects the last-minute canceled appointments to help clinicians search for patients to fill in the free slots. It additionally does not require users to manually update the schedules. Task lists can be generated for front desk staff, enabling them to create and organize all the tasks for the day. These lists are automatically created and emailed to dentists. It combines recommendations with the task lists as well.

Lighthouse 360 Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

Lighthouse 360 Support: It offers business hours of support.

Lighthouse 360 Pros: The user-friendly interface of the software makes it fairly easy to use. Its messaging feature is pretty intuitive as well.

Lighthouse 360 Cons: There are some technical glitches that impact the practice performance.

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