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What Is Eggup?  


Eggup is a digital soft skill assessment service that offers personalized questionnaires and continuous assessment service to analyze and provide learning suggestions. It supports various HR processes, including recruitment and people development, by utilizing HR Analytics. Eggup's solutions ensures GDPR compliance and assessments are highly customizable to meet clients' specific needs. 

What Is Eggup Best Known For?  

Eggup's smart coach solution stands out as its best feature. It provides personalized suggestions for self-development based on the results of the soft skills assessments. This innovative approach recommends books, movies, TED Talks, podcasts, online courses, songs, and biographies to individuals, aiding their growth and development purposes. This feature helps to enhance people's already personalized soft skills assessments. 

Eggup Pricing

Eggup software cost is based on a customer’s needs and requirements. Get in touch with our customer support team to discuss Eggup pricing plans. Click Get Pricing for a customized plan. 

Eggup Integrations  

The vendor has not disclosed information regarding its integration with third-party applications. 

How Does Eggup Work?  

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:    

  • Log in and access the dashboard  
  • Define your objectives for using Eggup and how it aligns with your organization's needs 
  • Customize assessments to evaluate relevant skills, competencies, attitudes, and motivations 
  • Set up user profiles with accurate information for personalized recommendations 
  • Administer assessments and guide participants through the process 
  • Analyze assessment results using Eggup's reporting and analytics features 
  • Provide personalized learning suggestions through Eggup's Smart Coach solution 

Watch Eggup Demo to learn more about its functionalities. 

Who Is Eggup For?  

Eggup supports HR processes and self-development processes. It is used by the following sectors: 

  • E-commerce 
  • Hospitality 
  • Real estate 
  • Healthcare 

Is Eggup Right For You?

Are you searching for a digital assessment service that can revolutionize how you analyze and enhance people's soft skills? Look no further than Eggup. With its innovative way, highly customizable assessments and support for HR processes, Eggup offers a comprehensive solution team soft skills that could transform your talent acquisition and people development strategies. Eggup prioritizes data privacy and protection, ensuring GDPR compliance in all its solutions.

Still not sure if it's the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 and let our experienced team assist you in making an informed decision.

Eggup Pricing Plans

Eggup offers customized pricing plans. 

Eggup Features

Eggup software allows clients to use online videos to create personalized assessments that perfectly align with their requirements. The reviews can be tailored in just a few clicks, making them adaptable and specific to each client's needs.

The assessments offered by Eggup can be utilized in various scenarios, such as structured assessments, soft skills mapping, and candidate pre-screening questions during the recruiting phase or the recruitment phase. This flexibility enhances their effectiveness and utility for different HR processes.

Eggup's assessments provide comprehensive people profiling by offering raw scores for each analyzed personality trait. Graphs and short descriptions of these characteristics are provided, enabling a better understanding of individuals' personality traits, skills and behaviors.

With Eggup, clients can evaluate and compare individuals' skills, competencies, attitudes, and motivations within their organization and selection companies. The software allows the selection of the most appropriate set of traits for accurate assessment and comparing team potential.

Eggup's assessments are not limited to analysis alone. They also provide learning suggestions to support individuals' self-development. These suggestions are personalized based on assessment results, recommending relevant resources such as books, movies, TED Talks, podcasts, online courses, songs, and biographies advising people's soft skills.

Pros and Cons of Eggup


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily integrated
  • Ease of use, even as a standalone tool, according to Eggup reviews


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Customization

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