MyPass LMS

What Is MyPass? 


MyPass is a web-based LMS designed to help organizations effectively deliver and manage their training activities. Its range of features includes course creation and management, learner management, reporting and analytics, certification management, and compliance management.  

The platform makes it easy for administrators to create and deploy online courses, track learner progress, manage certifications and compliance requirements, and automate learning workflows. MyPass supports SCORM and Tin Can, simplifying the process of importing and publishing existing courses. 

What Is MyPass Best For? 

MyPass is a popular choice among industry professionals due to its high level of customization. The platform allows users to tailor the theme and logo to match their organization's visual branding standards. In addition, the detailed course authoring tools are ideal for customizing course content to align with brand standards and visual identity. 

MyPass Pricing 

The pricing details of MyPass are not publicly available. Nevertheless, you can easily get in touch with our sales team by clicking on Get Pricing if you wish to learn more about our pricing. 

MyPass Integrations 

The software offers API and webhooks, allowing users to integrate third-party software with MyPass. However, the vendor has not listed third-party integration options. 

How Does MyPass Work? 

Getting started with MyPass software is as easy as: 

  • Establish user profiles for both learners and administrators within the platform 
  • Generate courses for your learners with customizable options and pre-built templates using the course creation feature 
  • Assign courses to learners based on their job roles 
  • Utilize the reporting feature to monitor learner progress and course engagement 
  • Set up automated certification and compliance requirements to streamline the process 

Have more questions? Book a MyPass demo by clicking Watch Demo and consult our customer support team for guidance. 

Who Is MyPass For? 

MyPass LMS offers a comprehensive set of features to support learning and development within organizations of all sizes. Its versatile platform allows for diploma exams, direct enrollment, and cloud-issued credentials for users. MyPass is a multi-functional tool that can be used for: 

  • Learning management 
  • Sourcing and recruitment 
  • Contractor onboarding 
  • Industry-wide skills passport 
  • Competency management

Whether you're looking to streamline your employee training process, bring on new talent, or manage skills across your industry, MyPass has got you covered.

MyPass Features 

  • Course Creation 
    MyPass course creation feature is user-friendly, allowing administrators to create and deploy courses easily. The platform offers pre-built templates or the option to create custom course formats. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can add text, images, videos, audio, quizzes, and assessments to create interactive content. 
  • Onboarding Automation 
    The onboarding workflow is customizable and guides new users through the initial setup process. Administrators can set up automated emails, notifications, and reminders to new users to help them get started with the platform. The self-registration feature allows new users to sign up for the platform using an online form. This streamlines the onboarding process, enabling users to set up their accounts, enroll in courses, and start learning quickly. 
  • Reporting 
    MyPass has a robust reporting feature that allows administrators to track learner progress, course engagement, and compliance metrics. The platform offers pre-built reports that allow administrators to drill down into learner data and identify trends and areas for improvement. Administrators can customize their reports by choosing from a variety of data fields, filters, and groupings and export the data to various formats like CSV, PDF, or Excel. 
  • Mobile Apps 
    Its mobile application is elegantly simple and offers most of the features available on a desktop, such as e-Learning, live classes, assignments, and quizzes. Learners can access their courses and learning materials from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, they can complete their courses on their mobile devices, and their progress will sync with their accounts on the desktop platform. 
  • Auto-Assign Courses 
    The auto-assignment feature allows administrators to assign courses to learners based on their job roles, departments, or other criteria. This means that as new employees are added or learners change job roles, the platform can automatically assign them relevant courses. Moreover, automated reminders and deadlines can be set up to ensure learners complete their courses on time. 

Is MyPass Right For You? 

MyPass is an all-in-one learning management solution that is powerful and easy to use. Its features, such as course creation and management, reporting, and analytics, automated onboarding and course assignments, and compliance and certification management, make it an ideal choice for organizations of any size. 

If you're looking for a user-friendly and customizable platform to promote learning and development, MyPass is the right choice. Additionally, it fully automates most tasks, eliminating the time spent on creating reminders or certificates. It is also SCROM and Tin Can compliant, supporting e-learning industry standards. 

To get a bird's eye insight into the software's capabilities or limitations, you can check out MyPass reviews. Alternatively, book a free consultation with our customer support team. 

MyPass Pricing 

The pricing for MyPass is currently not disclosed to the public. However, if you would like to know more about MyPass pricing, please click on Get Pricing to get latest pricing details from our sales team. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable platform
  • Detailed self-authoring tools
  • Scalable for large organizations


  • Might be a bit expensive for small companies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MyPass offer an API?

Yes, MyPass offers an API to its users.

Does MyPass support mobile devices?

Yes, MyPass supports Android and iOS mobile devices.

What languages does MyPass support?

MyPass supports these languages: English and Spanish.

What other apps does MyPass integrate with?

MyPass does not disclose the list of other apps it integrates.

What type of pricing plans does MyPass offer?

MyPass offers customizable pricing to its users. Click on Get Pricing to consult our sales team about what the software may cost your company.

Who are the typical users of MyPass?

MyPass is used in large-scale industries such as energy and renewables, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining.

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