NEO LMS is a cloud-based e-learning platform designed to help educational institutions develop engaging courses, track learner progress, support remote learning, and ensure seamless instructor-student communication. The digital platform enables educators to choose from various content delivery options, such as self-paced, instructor-led, or blended programs. Instructors can also use the system to embed the course content with multiple content formats like audio and video files, Office documents, OneDrive files, Google Docs, and more.

NEO software comes equipped with a robust suite of solutions, which includes course authoring, assignment management, attendance tracking, communications monitoring, testing and assessment, learning path creation, reporting and analytics, gamification, and collaboration functionalities. 
Educators can benefit from this data-driven application to streamline online course delivery, personalize learner experience, and organize e-learning content in a centralized location. Moreover, the system connects with various third-party apps, such as G Suite, Google Drive, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and Turnitin. It even offers an API that lets users create custom integrations.

Key Features

Customized Curriculum

NEO LMS software allows users to customize academic curricula in line with their organizational goals. The app tracks and monitors students’ progress automatically to help educators identify at-risk students and high performers.

Attendance Tracking

This learning management system comes with a smart attendance tracking feature that lets instructors monitor the attendance of students participating in the e-learning programs. Educators can also add custom notes while recording a student’s attendance and assign points for punctuality and absenteeism. 

Customizable Portals

NEO learning management system offers customizable features that align with an institution’s branding with logos, color schemes, portal panels, and pictures. Organizations can also create custom portals to deliver a unique learning ecosystem and provide personalized attention to their students. In addition to this, the software enables users to publish catalogs and calendars through these portals with just a single click. 

NEO LMS Pricing

The NEO LMS pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. NEO’s subscription cost for their basic plan starts at $0.05 per month. A range of pricing tiers are available for organizations with diverse needs. 

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The free and comprehensive NEO LMS demo is geared to allow you view the product in detail before making a formal investment. 
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NEO LMS Reviews

NEO LMS has received numerous positive ratings. Subscribers are happy with its new-age learning management tools, clean interface, and excellent customer support. 
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Our Thoughts

NEO LMS is an enterprise-grade learning management system that offers a well-balanced suite of features to help educational institutions simplify e-learning and enhance student engagement. 

We recommend opting for the NEO LMS demo to see whether the application matches your unique requirements.

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