What Is WebCampus?


WebCampus is a web-based learning management system LMS that enables businesses to create and manage online courses for their employees. With key features such as course creation, student tracking, and assessment tools, WebCampus LMS streamlines the process of delivering effective training to your workforce.  

The software also includes robust reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into course progress and completion rates. Whether you're looking to improve employee skills, meet compliance requirements, or simply enhance overall productivity, WebCampus LMS offers a flexible and user-friendly solution. 

What Is WebCampus Best For?

WebCampus software is a flexible e-learning platform that can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and customized to meet individual needs and requirements. Some of its key features include single sign-on, integration with Active Directory and Microsoft 365, synchronization with HR software and CRM systems, and the ability to import media assets and automate course assignments. It is also known for its high technical standards, including data security, responsive design, and update capability.  

The WebCampus is a white label solution, meaning that it can be customized to match the branding and design of the organization using it, making it a popular choice for companies and educational institutions looking for a flexible and customizable e-learning platform. 

WebCampus Pricing

The vendor offers the following three WebCampus software pricing plans for companies: 

  • For education providers – €1.95 per user per month 
  • Premium – €1.65 per user per month 
  • Enterprise – €0.65 per user per month 

Click on the "Get Pricing" button to get a customized pricing quote. 

WebCampus Integrations

WebCampus can be seamlessly integrated with existing IT infrastructure, including single sign-on options, Active Directory, Microsoft 365/Azure AD, HR software, media management systems, compliance systems, CRM software, external online shops, and webinar software. It also offers a flexible API and individual interface options. The platform meets high-quality standards and is ISO 27001 certified for data security. It is mobile-responsive and can be white-labeled to match branding requirements. Regular advancements and update capabilities ensure the platform stays up-to-date. 

How Does WebCampus Work?

Here’s how to get started with the WebCampus learning management system platform after its successful installation:   

  • Log in to WebCampus using your login credentials 
  • Create and manage courses using the course management feature 
  • Add course content such as videos, documents, and quizzes to the course 
  • Manage assignments, assessments, and grading using the assessment and grading feature 
  • Track student progress and generate reports using the analytics feature 

You can also click the "Watch Demo" button to get a free WebCampus Demo and experience the software first-hand. 

Who Is WebCampus For?  

The following industries use the software: 

  • Banking 
  • Management Consultancy 
  • Recruiting 
  • Medical Devices 

WebCampus Features

Learning Content Management System

WebCampus LMS is an all-in-one platform that enables content creation, management, tracking, and distribution. It lets users create engaging courses quickly, track learner progress in real-time, and deliver content to learners on any device. The software offers powerful analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of courses and make data-driven decisions about course design.


With WebCampus, users can track and analyze their learning progress, gain valuable insights into the learning behavior of their students, and tailor their teaching methods for maximum effectiveness.

User Management

WebCampus LMS enables administrators to create and manage users, assign courses and rights, set user preferences, and import users in bulk, making it easier for organizations to keep track of their users and ensure they have access to the required resources.

Course Management

The software lets users easily manage their courses, make settings for their courses, and ensure that they are organized in the most efficient way possible. 

Is WebCampus Right For You?

WebCampus LMS is SCORM-compliant and used by medium to large-sized businesses and organizations. It offers features such as course creation, administration, and implementation of e-learning classes, video assignments, and more. Our customer representatives can help you analyze the software and determine whether it fulfills your organizational requirements. Book a call right now. 

WebCampus Pricing Plans

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
1.95 / month
+ €4.45 for Learning
Content per user/month
1.65 / month
+ €2.23 for Learning
Content per user/month
0.65 / month
+ €0.75 for Learning
Content per user/month
What’s included
(Starter Features)
What’s included
(Premium Features)
What’s included
(Enterprise Features)
  • Course Portfolio
  • External Content
  • White Label
  • Storage Space: 25GB
  • E-mail Support
  • Release Management
  • Storage Space: 75 GB
  • Microsoft 365/Single Sign-On
  • Custom Layout
  • Storage Space: 150 GB
  • Test Instance
  • APIs/Interfaces
  • Telephone Support
  • Contact Person

WebCampus Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable features
  • Mobile compatibility


  • Limited support for some languages
  • Might not be affordable for startups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does WebCampus offer an API?

Yes, WebCampus has an API.

Does WebCampus support mobile devices?

Yes, the software is mobile-compatible and supports iOS and Android devices. 

What languages does WebCampus support?

WebCampus supports English and German language.

What other apps does WebCampus integrate with?

The software integrates with several third-party applications. However, the vendor has not specified the names yet.

What type of pricing plans does WebCampus offer?

The software offers three pricing plans for companies. Click the Get Pricing button to get more information. 

Who are the typical users of WebCampus?

The typical users of WebCampus include several industries, such as recruiting, banking, medical devices, and management consultancy.

WebCampus Pricing

Small Organization

Outside Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

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