Mad Mini is an email marketing platform providing easy cloud-based email creation, management, and tracking tools to businesses of all types and sizes. The solution has capabilities including email design, list management, tracking and analytics tools all within one mainframe. With the help of Mad Mimi, over 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked every day. Users are provided with advanced and flexible tools to design personalized email content using default HTML templates. Primary features include mobile-friendly emails, email templates, link tracking, royalty-free stock photos, email analytics, automatic resending, and more. With list management, users can create or upload mailing lists in CSV files. Contact categories can be made for email campaigns.

With the campaign’s dynamic analytics tool, users can accurately track key metrics such as deliveries, email bounce rate, unsubscribes, open rate, click map, and forwarding rate.

Pricing: Pricing is based around the number of contacts a user has. Four subscription packages are offered: Basic (ranging from $10 to $27/month), Pro (ranging from $42 to $139/month), Silver (ranging from $199 to $749/month), and Gold (ranging from $1,049 to $1,499/month).

USP: Unique campaign performance metrics such as unique clicks, click map, open rate, etc. and the ability to even compare campaigns to see which one performed better and why.

Support: Support can be reached via phone and email.

Product Advantages: Easy to use interface. Users can customize templates with HTML. It is compatible with Facebook for advertising even when mainly text.

Product Limitations: It does not auto-save which causes problems sometimes. Too costly for SMEs I just wish there were cheaper options to use this. Not many options

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Kirnos Photo

2-10 employees

August 2019

The service is exceptional.

Simple design and interface that is simple to use. It's a simple yet elegant email marketing product that I'm happy to use in my company! I use Mad Mimi to give my photo clients a weekly newsletter. The customer support reps are incredible and always help you with any questions or issues you might have.

It would be great if they add more template options.


John Wagner Golf

1 employee

May 2019

It is good if you have a small list.

The tool is not expensive at all and is user-friendly. We used this tool when we had a very small list for a couple of years. It worked quite well. In its features, it's pretty basic which made it easy to keep emails marked consistently.

Since it was so essential, you couldn't do anything extravagant inside the computer program. For instance, you may not embed a video within the e-mail. You have to take a picture and connect to it vs the direct link between the video and the message. It's not a huge deal, but with MailChimp, I like to be able to do that.


Kinsman Ltd.

11-50 employees

May 2019

Needs to improve.

It is easy to set up email campaigns quickly, and this is something I like about it, as it saves a lot of time.

It does not meet my user expectations. It doesn’t offer many options when it comes to customizing templates. It is hard to do it. The designs available for templates are also very poor, the colors, the layout, etc.

O. Kelvin


201-500 employees

May 2019

Cheap and efficient.

I wanted an inexpensive and effective email marketing tool. Mad Mimi came up in recommendations, so I gave it a try and I was surprised. I was basically starting a new company and for me, the cost of operations was something that I had to keep in mind. It has helped me build a healthy customer relationship. I also make more money. I would recommend this product to everyone who is starting a business.

I'm not expecting much more than the cost I pay, although there may still be some changes. For now, I'm all right with it until I can afford to move to a more robust system.



1 employee

March 2019


The tool is genuinely intuitive and welcoming. To beginners, the price range is just about right, considering the value you get. I recommend this tool if your requirements include sending long text letters or you have a specific type of audience that you send to.

They do lack a few features, and for the standard ones, you might need to ask support to do it for you.

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