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Mailchimp is perhaps one of the most popular software that helps users disseminate newsletters among other things. The company has diversified and added more features to the software which enables users to do much more than send newsletters. Now Mailchimp gives users the ability to run Facebook ad campaigns, create targeted emails, and keep track of their metrics to keep up with performance. 

Mailchimp is a leader in the field of email marketing. The tool is used by millions of businesses both big and small the world over. There are dozens of features that make this software so coveted and popular. 

Some great Mailchimp features in more detail. 

Create Newsletters and Emails: Mailchimp allows users to create interactive and interesting targeted emails and newsletters for their audience. 

Emailing List: Mailchimp allows you to automatically send an email to a large group of people. There is also an unsubscribe button available in their emails if anyone wants to opt-out of the email. 

Analyze Data: Mailchimp makes data easy to read and makes numbers available to users which helps users understand how the emails users send are faring. 

Mobile Apps: The software has both iOS and Android apps which help make the software easy to use on the go. Users can send emails and add users to their subscriber list from their phones. 

Automate Follow-Ups: Users can set automated responses if a recipient of your e-mail sends a reply. 

Simpler User Interface: It is very easy to create emails and newsletters with the interactive click and drag options available on this software. 

Mailchimp Pricing: Mailchimp has several pricing plans depending on your needs. The plans start from $20 a month for up to 2000 subscribers, then $25 a month for up to 2500 subscribers a month, $35 a month for up to 2600 subscribers a month, and it costs about $199 a month for a pro subscription that has no limitations. 

Free Trial: Yes, Mailchimp allows users to get a free trial. In fact, the software also offers a free version. 

Mailchimp Pros

  • Easy to use user interface which is simple even for beginners. 
  • Monitor statistics for how well emails and newsletters are doing. 
  • A convenient phone app that enables you to update your emails or newsletters even on the go! 

Mailchimp Cons

  • Mailchimp pricing is a little steep and the software starts to cost a lot as your mailing list grows. 
  • You do not have access to customer support in the free trial or free version of the software in case you run into any issues. 
  • Mailchimp is a wonderful software that can enable users to create interactive and fun-to-read emails and newsletter campaigns for their readers. 

Learn about some other great alternatives to Mailchimp down below! 

Mailchimp Software reviews

Overall Rating

18 Reviews


Fast way of communication

October 2019


Sabai Thai Spa

It is easy to create email campaigns, content and all. I like the templates that they offer and how easy it is to just drag and drop and make things the way you like it for your customers. I can schedule my emails to go out at a certain time and day. I thoroughly enjoy creating emails. It is fun and easy to use.
No complaints as such. Would like to have more templates to choose from, and stock images as well.

Hangs a lot

October 2019


Palmetto Dunes POA

It is quick and easy. Creating emails, updating contacts and viewing reports are all so easy to do.
I can’t randomly edit the text boxes. I have noticed a lot of bugs in MailChimp. Fifty percent of the time when I send a test email, it takes almost over an hour for it to actually go.

Useful tool

October 2019


Cognition Education

Easy to customize emails. Offers email templates. Drag and drop facility. Simple design. Easy to learn. Fun to use. I’ve had a positive experience with this tool and have no intention of using any other software for emails. A very useful tool.
The free version has a few limitations which at times gets quite frustrating, like when we are unable to re add contacts to an audience.

Great software!

September 2019


Falls Baptist Church

I am very pleased with what Mailchimp has offered, all the features are amazing, and I really enjoy using it. The emails can be created easily, by the drag and drop feature. They have email templates as well. It is a great tool and I would recommend using it.
A bit complicated to operate for someone who is not a tech/business person. They can make it a bit more user-friendly.

Good free Email Software

September 2019


Second Baptist Church

It is a great tool, plus its free, which makes it much better. It fits right into my budget. It makes my emails look professional and helps me create those emails quite effortlessly.
Trying to find the email that has been removed can be a bit hard sometimes.


August 2019


EX Church

This software is literally a life saver. It helps you save a lot of your time. We use it for our church to keep everyone updated with whatever is going on, events etc. It has this great feature to schedule the emails to be sent out at a specific time.
Takes a little while to figure out how things work. After that everything becomes very easy to do.

Simple and easy.

July 2019



It’s not much of a hassle to create emails and send out email blasts. It is easy to learn and use. I enjoy creating emails with their drag and drop feature. It is very flexible. You can change the size, font, add colors and do a lot more.
It does not allow you to upload video clips directly to Mailchimp. Video uploading is a long process, as you first have to upload it on YouTube and then you add the link to Mailchimp.

Free Software

July 2019



Gmail doesn’t allow you to send out a lot of emails, so we got this. It is an incredible tool. It helps us send around 800 emails in one go just by a click. Designing emails is quite easy as well. Just a drag and drop thing. The moment we started using this tool, our lives have been a lot easier and we’ve jumped from start up to being a real organization.
It used to be completely free, but now they’ve added a paid plan to it, which is why they’ve taken some of the good email templates that I used before.

Great tool.

July 2019


Makers N Shakers

It is a great tool, and the offers they have are really great. Previously I used their free version, and I really liked how much I was able to do. It covers all the important features and functionalities that I require.
It wasn’t easy to use before, but now they’ve improved.

Great look.

July 2019


Wellspring Chiropractic

With this tool, I get a feeling of certainty and establishment. This tool has a great look especially for my small business. This tool has made communication with my patients a lot easier and professional. It is efficient, and whatever you create gives an expensive look to it.
It needs to improve their spam filters, it doesn’t seem to work right.

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