MaximEyes is a cloud-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution for eye care clinics. The software streamlines the managerial tasks for eye-specialists with its top-of-the-line features such as insurance management, patient records, inventory management, recall tracking, and appointment management.  Their latest version is written in HTML5 with a comprehensive and detailed user interface. MaximEyes is available as Windows, SaaS, and Mac software.

The specialty-specific EHR platform can be configured for the cloud as well as deployed via a local server for organizations with weak or broken Internet connections. With MaximEyes, healthcare professionals can request for future appointments, view their medical summary, and pay their bills quickly.

MaximEyes Practice Management system provides a robust solution with powerful query and reporting tools to deliver instant visibility into costs, operations, and revenues. Their fully-integrated PM solution modifies the workflow to best suit a practice's needs. Besides, it offers personalized medical billing functionalities to decrease the accounts receivable timeline.

MaximEyes offers exam templates that can be customized to fit various workflows and types of visits. The EHR platform includes a customizable rules engine that automatically posts and suggests procedure codes, diagnostic codes, plans, alerts, and outbound documents. Exam findings trigger the documents and codes to expedite the final part of the exam documentation.

MaximEyes Pricing: The pricing plan for the platform starts at $325.00 per month.

Free Trial: Yes.

MaximEyes Support: The vendor offers online and business hours support.

MaximEyes USP: The platform is the first to integrate with the American Optometric Association’s MORE Registry. On top of this, MaximEyes support direct EHR PQRS reporting to the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s IRIS Registry.

MaximEyes Advantages: This EHR vendor trains users through webinars, documentation, online, and in-person sessions.

MaximEyes Limitations: The software is not suitable for large practices and works best for smaller ones with less data volume.


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