Medsphere systems offers EMR softwares for acute care and in-patient behavioral health environments under Carevue EMR whereas, through ChartLogic the company offers a fully integrated ambulatory EMR suite, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM), e-Rx, patient portal, and medical billing solutions.

Medsphere Systems products are known for their user-friendly features and practicality. The company’s supply chain management solution for practices reduces labor costs and boosts revenue.

Medsphere Systems EMR solutions are cloud-based SaaS systems designed to limit costs and to provide physicians relief through disaster recovery plans, regular backups, and standardized deployments. Each customer's data is encrypted separately to optimize security.

The software vendor has seen great success in assisting hospitals, including acute care and behavioral health centers. It's also dynamic for managing state public health systems. The integrated EHR software includes financial, clinical, and patient accounting services for inpatient and acute care behavioral health environments and integrated delivery networks. CareVue EMR by Medsphere is designed to meet the specific requirements of a growing client base. It makes the solution available via a unique subscription service that includes no considerable upfront investment.

Medsphere Systems EMR Pricing: Users can lock EMR pricing for 5-year terms, and the implementation doesn't require massive capital investments, making it easier to budget for, compared to many others.

Medsphere Systems EMR Compatibility: Windows

Medsphere Systems EMR Support: The platform extends online support.

Medsphere Systems EMR Cons:  CareVue by Medsphere, has a straightforward user interface. The software offers a lot of features, some of which are really user-friendly. Their support staff goes above and beyond to help users – continued support from a professional training staff. Users can also customize the features to a certain extent.

Medsphere Systems EMR Pros: Overall, the system is not user-friendly and does not offer an intuitive UI. Information is scattered all over the system - the notes, labs, DC summary, etc. are all scattered around.

Deployment: Installed – Windows, Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS.

Medsphere Systems EMR Software

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