Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a business management ERP (enterprise resource planning) offering powerful project and service-based organizations such as professional services firms construction companies, heavy equipment rentals, government contractors, and engineering firms, etc. The software constitutes multiple modules including financial management, IT management, business intelligence, collaboration, accounting, field service, supply-chain management with innovative features to back them.

Dynamics offers the latest Power BI and integration with a wide list of commonly used famous business tolls and software including Microsoft’s native suite of tools, Windows, Oracle, Salesforce, Skydive, Sybase, and many other industry-specific tools and add-ons. These capabilities allow users to benefit from the full extent of the software’s own set of functionalities, resulting in enhanced efficiencies and optimized performance.

The system offers on-site deployment, and the option to host and add services like online training and support. The application runs on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

Pricing: Pricing for the basic package is around $2000 and for businesses, the software costs $2250.

USP: The software operates on Windows and .NET frameworks extending the benefit of sharing Microsoft as a common developer. Solution for everything from job costing, materials management, service call entry, receiving, to billing, and sales solution.

Support: Support can be reached by phone and email.

Product Advantages: Easy copy and paste feature for general ledger from Excel. The software interacts well with a number of Microsoft products and functionalities.

Product Limitations: Not as flexible as it should be.

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