Nextech EHR Software

Electronic health records are intended to automate your workflow by combining all administrative, clinical, and financial tasks into one system so that you can manage them easily. Nextech EMR is the most excellent cloud-based medical software designed to fulfill all of your ophthalmology practice needs. It gives you an easy-to-use interface that streamlines clinical operations, minimizes paperwork, and promotes a more long-term approach to patient engagement. Continue reading to learn more. 

Capabilities of EMR Software

Ophthalmology EMR Features You Require: Specific capabilities are necessary to include in any ophthalmology EHR software you want to buy. These aim to make your practice function at its best and help reduce inefficiencies. So, when choosing an EMR for your clinic, it would be best if you ensure beforehand that it has the following functions: 

Visualization of the Eyes in Graphic Form: The EMR needs to have a tool that displays a visual picture of your patient's eye condition. The purpose is to assist you in making a rapid decision and better understanding the problem. 

Prescription And Coding: A good EMR program allows you to prescribe medications electronically and use CPT codes to document the diagnostic procedures you use. 

Ophthalmology Templates: The EMR software features tailored templates for many specialties of ophthalmology. It includes, for example, eye surgery, foggy vision, cataracts, and many more.  

Interconnected Tools For EyeCare: To ensure the best ophthalmology treatment, you need robust and reliable eyecare machinery like keratometers. As a result, EMR software such as the Nextech leads to effective clinical management. 

Aside from these features, it would be best if you made sure your EMR provides the following elements to help increase patient care quality and efficiency: 

  • Automated appointment reminders  
  • Lab orders 
  • e-prescribing  
  • A patient portal 
  • billing system 

Nextech EMR Summary: Nextech specifically caters to specialties, namely ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and dermatology. Users can also manage their medical spa with this software. It's listed as a preferred option for ophthalmologists. Indeed, studies show it can save time during patient visits, even up to 20%.  

Nextech EMR is an inclusive software package that incorporates practice management and financial management with electronic medical records and allows patients to engage on the platform. Also, the EMR complies with PQRS, HIPAA, EMV, and ONC Health IT guidelines and incorporates ICD-10 coding. All these ensure a smooth workflow. Besides, the software is compatible with various devices like iPad, Windows, Mac OS, and desktop.  

Moreover, Nextech EMR also gives a mobile solution at low pricing. But, it's only accessible via iPad. The system makes it easy to manage payments securely on the Patient Portal. Besides, the advanced system provides real-time data to keep all parties informed. This transparency is one of Nextech EMR's selling factors emphasized in reviews. Other than this, the Nextech Community portal enables doctors to connect with other users. It enhances support and optimizes usage in this way.  

Nextech EMR Software Features

Nextech offers several functions specific to the nature of your healthcare practice. You can have the following primary capabilities with this software: 

Electronic Medical Records: The unique EMR offered by Nextech helps you maintain control of your workflow and create efficient patient charts. It can meet each specialty's needs. Even those practices with multiple specializations can benefit from this software. 

Practice Management: The practice management system integrated with the EMR allows you to streamline the documentation process of patient records. Besides, it helps automate scheduling and billing by utilizing the drag and drop option. Also, it lets you create individualized views for every user and manage patient flow across multiple branches of the same medical practice.  

Revenue Management: Nextech helps monitor and improve your financial health by using updated verification procedures for patients' insurance that automatically check the claims for errors before submitting them. In addition, you can get electronic remittance through its clearinghouse and run eligibility checks for all scheduled appointments simultaneously to save time. Denials are also re-checked and re-submitted quickly.  

Patient Interaction: Patients must have instant access to their medical records online, and Nextech EHR realizes that. As a result, it allows patients 24/7 access to their records. Also, it updates patients' medical history, demographics, and insurance details in real-time. 

Nextech EMR Advantages 

Nextech EHR's key advantages are its ease of use, referral system, and flexibility. Using this software, you can see more patients now as it speeds up patient charting. Furthermore, you have access to customizable templates that are different for each specialty and each patient condition. The greatest thing about these templates is that you can customize them to meet the needs of every kind of patient, and you can complete them without the need for technical experience.  

Moreover, features like dropdown choices and listing filters simplify creating precise patient notes and code diagnoses. It also increases the readability of the patient charts as all irrelevant patient information is removed. You can also exchange patient data through a network system, making it simple to direct patients to other doctors. It ensures the best possible patient care. 

Other than this, you do not have to worry about loads of paperwork while orderings labs and sharing results with Nextech electronic medical records. As a result, it minimizes waiting time for patients, and they can receive their diagnosis swiftly. You can also e-prescribe digitally and approve refill requests. In addition, the software displays patients' allergies before selecting drugs to ensure you e-prescribe safely. 

Lastly, the Nextech mobile software allows you to track patient encounters on remote devices like an iPad. The mobile app is a miniature version of the computer software, and it has the same capabilities. 

Our Thoughts

Even though numerous capable EHR systems are available, Nextech EMR provides the most reliable medical solution with customized pricing plans. The best way to know how Nextech EMR is the correct software for your ophthalmology practice is to determine your demands based on your practice size. Then, you can see how Nextech features match with that. You can also read up on the Nextech EMR reviews to help make an informed choice.   

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Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


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Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


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Medical Billing Service

Nextech EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

35 Reviews


Easy for professionals

October 2021


WB Heart Clinic

Scheduling the activities on this system is very easy. You can also notify patients and send reminders. The schedule is color coordinated and easy to read. There are new practices we can associate with through our system too.

Amazing EMR

September 2021


Star Clinic

I use it daily and the training part of the job was super easy. The customer support is quick to answer. You transcribe all the notes and updates with ease.
There are no cons at the moment.

Best for practice management

August 2021


Pain and Arthritis Management

We can do everything from administration, check-in, and billing on this software.
I just wish they would let us change the font shape and size.

Nextech is great

July 2021


Capital Eye Consultants

I love how easy it is to use. I can navigate through all the modules and customize whatever I want. The eprescription and patient referral system are especially great.
It is not as userfriendly on tablets.

Good experience

June 2021


Delaware County Medical Center

Nextech has been user-friendly and easy to navigate for all our employees. It has an extensive knowledge base and the staff is excellent too.
The financial summary reports are not always available.

Using it for a long time

May 2021


CE Medical

Our administrative staff is happy with the services. They can work unencumbered now. The physicians are also happy with the pro charts
There is a glitch in the fax machine.

All-in-one solution

April 2021


Amruss Inc

We can input information into charts and make it easier to use. The system is user-friendly and completely customizable.
It was overwhelming at first but after the training we were good to go.

Outstanding patient portal

April 2021


Wallace Dermatology Associates

We are now more compliant to the health codes with the help of Nextech. Everything works well and patients can login to their portal and access their reports.
It takes longer to set up than we anticipated.

Impossible to access data

April 2021


Plastic Surgery Institute

It was a great option for our plastic surgery practice initially
They have stopped updating the clinical and scheduling features and the service has gone down the drain.

Happy customer

March 2021


Office Manager

Really easy to use and everything in this software is going smooth till date.
It takes a long time for upgrades. It would be good if there would be an option to use cloud.

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Call us at

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