Built for small to medium-sized practices, NovoClinical EHR software has all the functionalities needed to ensure smooth running of medical practice. It can be installed on-premise or accessed through the cloud, an iPad or any other mobile device. NovoClinical EHR caters to pediatrics, dermatology, OBGYN, Immunology, General practice, Gastroenterology, to name a few specialties.

NovoClinical EHR user-interface is similar to paper charts, making it easy for providers to learn and adapt. E-prescribing features and lab integration make a physicians’ lives easier as they can perform all patient care related tasks within one system with minimal clicks. NovoClinical EHR received the 2015 ONC HIT certification in April 2018.

The patient portal module is offered free of cost with the EHR system. Patients can communicate with the practice in a secure way and also access their past clinical summaries, medications, and lab reports. The portal also enables patients to schedule future appointments online.

NovoClinical also offers medical billing and reporting modules that encompass UB-04 support, claims scrubbing, and DME billing.  The software provides comprehensive demographic input in seconds, insurance eligibility checks, medical history, lab results, and reports populates directly to the physicians’ dashboard for quick medical treatment and operational efficiency.

NovoClinical EHR Pricing: The pricing plan for the software starts at $100.00 per month.

NovoClinical EHR Pros: NovoClinical is easy to use and easy to navigate. This user-friendly system makes toolbars easily accessible. They offer continued support as their support team is really professional and responsive.

NovoClinical EHR Cons: The system sometimes slows down. The learning curve is initially steep. Users may take some time to learn about their features and functionalities.

Free Trial: It offers a free trial. There is no free version of this software.

Support: The software offers online support during business hours.

Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS.

NovoClinical EHR Software

NovoClinical EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

8 Reviews




2-10 employees

October 2019

Great for specialty practice

The EHR company customized my psychiatric evaluation and Progress notes.

I would like for them to offer Narcotic EHR prescribing capabilities.

Denise Sikora

DL Health Claim Solutions


October 2019

Medical Billing and Practice Management system

ERA's automatically post which is a huge time saver. The programmer has made many adjustments to the system for me based on my needs.

They do not seem to understand how claims are to be billed. When billing for multiple units per line, they thought you put the per unit price on the line, the number of units and then the full cost of the claim as the claim total. Even though I created my claims correctly the system shcnaged my claims to bill as the line item total price, the per unit price, resulting in over 100 claims with incorrect pricing. I had to spend many hours of time sending corrected claims.There is no help manual for asssitance in doing various tasks. There is no help manual. Many extra steps needed to create a claim. Not optimized for small screens and multiple screens open on a laptop. Pricing issue-given one price and then there was a clearinghouse fee not disclosed up front.


Environmental Services

2-10 employees

May 2019

Great product for low prices

Good software for the cost, it seems to be in the early stages of production software. User-friendly interface. Great customer service, A lot of functionality and features.

There are some inconsistencies in the system's performance and some aspects aren't very easy to navigate,


I Care

2-10 employees

February 2019

Excellent product

The software is very easy to use and quick. It is much more user-friendly than other software I have tried. The speaking into chart is very easy to use and doesn't get confusing like many other speaking software. It is easy to learn how to use and the personalized service you get makes all the difference. The toolbars are easy to see and much more direct and easy to find what you are looking for than other software. The integration of other software you may need into their software really helps a lot.

No complaints. I wish I had found them sooner!


Gastroenterology Clinic

2-10 employees

November 2018

Love it

I like how I can get faxes into the system and map them directly to the patient's chart. Lab and radiology order and results are very easy to send and receive. If there is an issue with the system custom service is always ready to help. I find this system is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

We haven't come across any issue with the system.


St. Michael's Health Clinic

2-10 employees

October 2018

Getting paid has gotten so easy

The ability to navigate easily is fantastic. Have a personal business relationship with IT is beyond anything I could have asked for.

Not much of anything bad I can say because if I have an issue, it's taken care of immediately.

Lawrence Larry

Steven Porter, MD


May 2018

Highly recommended

I am amazed by everything this system has to offer. The ease of use, the choice of features. I like the flow and how easy it is to navigate. I like the automation and how the entire system is connected.

No problems so far. Amazing and consistent performance,



11-50 employees

April 2018

The best!!!

I like the level of automation in this software- frees up my time to do other things. Absolutely wonderful customer support.

Love everything. no complaints!

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