OD Link Software

OD Link is a comprehensive practice management and certified EMR software designed to streamline the way optometrists and ophthalmologists run their businesses. The software includes features for maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments, managing inventory and dispensing, billing, and insurance information, recalls, referrals, and more. The software helps automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with running an eye care practice, OD Link allows practitioners to focus on providing quality care to their patients. 

OD Link software also offers a secure, cloud-based platform that allows optometrists to access their data from anywhere, at any time. With its wealth of features and dedication to customer service, the software is the perfect solution for any optometry or ophthalmology practice. 

OD Link Software Key Features 

Automated Patient Entrance Forms 

OD Link offers automated patient entrance forms that communicate with electronic insurance claim processing centers. This solution can accept data input from electronic optometry equipment, making it easy to get all the necessary information into the system quickly and efficiently. 

Patient Portal & Two-way Texting 

OD Link software offers a patient portal that allows you to easily schedule appointments. With this, you can schedule appointments online and receive reminders via text or email. You can also view medical records, prescriptions, and lab results. In addition, the portal provides two-way texting so patients and doctors can easily communicate with each other. This feature is especially useful if you have questions or need to schedule a last-minute appointment. 

Inventory Management and Inventory Tracking 

OD Link inventory management system lets you set up alerts for when items are running low, so you can reorder them before they run out. And a software inventory tracking system gives you real-time visibility into your inventory levels, so you can always make sure you have what you need on hand. With the software, keeping track of your inventory is easy and efficient. 

OD Link Software Pricing 

The monthly license and support fee for OD software is based on the annual gross income of the practice. Pricing starts at $125.00 per month for practices with annual gross incomes less than $200,000 and goes up to $250 per month for practices with annual gross incomes greater than $2 million. Contact OD Link for more details on the software cost. 

Software Demo 

OD Link software does not offer any demo, but it offers a free trial and a free version of the software, so you can try out the features and see if it is right for your practice. The free version includes all the basic features of the full version. 


You can find many positive reviews of software on the internet. This comprehensive and user-friendly software is praised for its ability to streamline optometric practice, making it easier to provide quality care to patients. You can read more reviews about software in our review section. 

Our Thoughts

Overall, OD Link Software is an excellent choice for optometrists looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use practice management solution. It helps optometrists streamline their workflow to improve efficiency and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does OD Link support mobile devices?

OD Link supports the following devices: iPad, iPhone.

What languages does OD Link support?

OD Link supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does OD Link offer?

OD Link offers the following support options: Chat, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, and FAQs/Forum

Who are the typical users of OD Link?

OD Link has the following typical users: Freelancers, small businesses, and mid-size businesses.

OD Link Software Pricing

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OD Link Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


It's easy to manipulate the data and customize the software according to your standards

March 2023

Rich H.

Health and Wellness

OD Link has been great so far with the ability to have a quick peek at useful information and run a quick medical follow-up. It neatly packs most of the crucial information on one screen which makes it easy to compare recent and previous examinations. The application saves us time since we don't have to switch through screens that often when entering the observations. Although OD Link is not specifically designed for any specific niche of the industry, thankfully they have worked closely with our technical team to tailor a solution to match our needs and requirements.
We have been using much different software to better manage our practice before switching to OD Link, and we still do. The only thing that bugs me is that although OD Link integrates with several third-party applications, it does not provide an option to import data from other apps. Leaving no option, I had to manually do this thing which was a lot of time-consuming and hectic process. I would request the OD Link team to add this feature to the software as well.

The support team is very prompt and knowledgeable

January 2023

Stephen D.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

OD Link is jam-packed with features, too many to even count actually. But don't let it intimidate you since it presents a solution to all of your problems and caters to your needs. Furthermore, the help they provide is second to none and I think it's the support team that makes the experience good or bad for you. They have put effort into explaining all of the functions to me and which ones suit me the best for my practice. It's also great that an actual person is waiting for you on the other side if you need help instead of just an automated response.
The only major thing that the software lacks is the user interface. With so many features at my disposal, it gets very confusing to navigate through all of them and remember the entire functioning initially. Only, if the user interface could be made a little more precise and approachable, it would be perfect. Furthermore, it was disappointing to know that I have to pay an extra amount just to avail the e-prescribing feature. This adds up more cost to the already expensive software. I feel that the software caters to larger organizations, but does not offer much in terms of pricing for the smaller ones.

Unmatched user experience with charts tool making analysis easier.

December 2022

Michael C.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

It allows you to grow and accommodate any increase in the workforce with ease. We have had great support regardless of the number of employees we get on board. It has been interfacing nicely with our clearinghouse. Also, there are almost no pages with just text on them, it's always accompanied by helpful charts that catch the eye and are easy to understand. The user experience is unmatched and their staff (ranging from customer service to technical experts) is just amazing. They have been responding to us quickly and accurately ever since we implemented the software with our system. They are always there when you need them.
The biggest downside that I feel is the pricing of the application. It would have been perfect if the cost of the software was affordable. Besides, OD Link does not provide a lot of packages to the users, leaving them restricted when it comes to paying the fee. It would have been much better if the application offered different pricing strategies so that users like us could at least have the option to select one. Other than this, I have experienced a few connection-based issues from time to time. I hope the upcoming versions of the software will at least sort out the connection issues.

Amazing for inventory and billing

October 2022

Mary M.

Health Care

I used Officemate for a long time, but it never really felt natural and truly integrated with the way we manage our workflow. I am glad to have switched to ODlink and appreciate that it combines an EMR and an accounting suite for medical practices. I use it to handle products like frames and to complete my month-ends with a lot more thorough office management data.
There are various features that require multiple clicks and wandering around in order to work. For instance, the inventory of frames To open, you must first navigate to the transaction screen. They could add shortcuts to frequently used features to avoid this annoying delay.

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