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Office Practicum is a leading EHR software specifically designed for pediatric practices. It was founded 25 years ago by a pediatrician and her husband. Over the years they have used inputs from leading pediatricians in the United States to improve upon the first version of their Office Practicum EHR solution. 

The features that set Office Practicum apart and are a must for a pediatric practice are as follows :

  • Over 200 inbuilt pediatric-specific well and sick visit templates. There are also templates for school and camp forms
  • A vaccine management system that does not only help you keep patients healthy but also helps track vaccine inventory
  • Growth charts. The specialized charts also include Down Syndrome and preemie specific growth curves based on CDC and WHO norms 
  • Electronically submit data to any supported state’s immunization registry. 

Office Practicum has received several awards, including Complete EHR Certification for 2014 Meaningful Use, 2011 PCMH Prevalidation by NCQA, and the Surescripts White Coat of Quality in 2011 and 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Office Practicum be integrated with third-party services?

Yes, it maintains third-party services such as labs, e-prescriptions, etc.

Can we access Office Practicum through our mobile phones?

Yes, Office Practicum can be accessed by anyone, anywhere through their iPhone, Android, iPad, or computer.

Does Office Practicum provide a telemedicine solution?

Yes, Office Practicum has partnered with a HIPAA compliant pediatric-specific telemedicine solution.

How much does Office Practicum cost?

Office Practicum does not provide their pricing information on their website, to get pricing information kindly fill in the “Get Pricing” form.

Is Office Practicum suitable for small sized practices?

Yes, Office Practicum suits small, medium and large-sized practices.

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Office Practicum EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

29 Reviews


Great for pediatric practice

May 2022


Kids Health Partners, LLC

Office Practicum software is built in consideration with a pediatric specialty with specialized features. It is super easy to learn how to use and train the staff with minimum effort. You do not need a separate screen to access pediatric features. Customer support has been more than helpful with any issues we've had.
The messages feature within the system is not as functional as one would want, but the company has been reassuring that it will be improved in the upcoming upgrades. The customer service is not easily accessible. Call hold times are very long sometimes, although the support staff is always helpful.

Great for a pediatrician’s office

May 2022


Pediatric Associates of Fairfield

Office Practicum is highly flexible which is among its many selling points. It is super user-friendly. No learning curve so training the staff to operate is quite simple. So far, everyone including providers and staff members loves working with this service.
Creating a report is not entirely intuitive which can make it time-consuming. The same with printing, it takes up time. You have to send documents to a webpage first to be able to get a print.

No response from support

April 2022



The tool is pediatric friendly which is good for us. It isn’t very hard to learn especially for doctors.
The support is nowhere to be found here. I’ve put in requests for support but all I get are emails that the issue has been closed, although I’ve never even received a single call from them.


December 2018


Torresdale Pediatrics

The customer service is really nice. The way they respond to my questions makes me happy. I really like their politeness and the employees always help solve any issues related to hardware or software.
It's really hard to trace back credits and applying them to accounts. There should be a feature to add procedures to existing bills when needed, and the rejected bills should be a little more clear about their statements in each claim.

Office Practicum is a great software for Pediatric Clinics!

December 2018


Long Grove Psych Associates

The software is user-friendly, their customer service is responsive and great. They offer wonderful templates, and it is pediatric-specific which makes it super cool.
We often notice glitches after an upgrade, and it is expensive as well.

Excellent product

November 2018


Vida Digital

OP is so easy to use and very comprehensive. You do not need any prior programming experience to operate it. I love how easily customizable this system is. The opportunity to drag and drop when creating formats, appointments, and notes saves us so much time during our day-to-day tasks.

there are times where the software updates introduce new glitches to the system probably a result of untested updates. They take a while to go away.

Among my favorite EHR systems

October 2018


SUNY Downstate Medical Center

The software is easy to use and functional. However, the OS is a little old now and could use advancements but it is a lot better in comparison to most EHR software I have used. The working of Office Practicum is quite logical and intuitive, such as the organization of different categories. In that regard, it works like huge companies in the EHR market. Billing with OP is very simple and efficient. The medication aspect is very functional, filling and refilling prescriptions and allergies is quite easy.
Some of the related features are arranged together and require a few extra steps. Like the PMH, allergies and Problems categories. The EHR system requires too many clicks to get basic tasks done but it is the same most EHRs. All in all, it is a decent platform.

OP is a great pediatric EMR!

October 2018


tanque verde peds

It has a lot of great features. It saves a lot of manpower. We can communicate with parents and patients easily through the portal, which is time-saving. This EMR is tailored according to the pediatrics field. The responsiveness of the staff is highly appreciated. It has made life easier in many ways like billing, chart documentation, communication etc. There are a lot of features that we still haven't used, but overall we're happy with the product.
The scan review feature needs a little adjustment or amendments, as it takes a lot of clicking to get through the scanning process, though the scan review feature is better than the paper system we used before.

Meets all my Pediatric practice needs

September 2018


Woods Mill Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, LLC

I love how Office Practicum offers all pediatric specialty features which makes it incredibly easy to perform day to day tasks. The system is very user-friendly, navigation around the software is easy. Reporting is simple and intuitive, with a lot of helpful features. The software has so much to offer, we still have not utilized all of the functionalities, such as the patient portal and MU. Their customer support staff is brilliant. You can call them at any time, email or system chat, they are always available and readily willing to help with any and all issues with the system. There is a list of servers with different offices so that you can tally how things are done there and see if there is an easier way for you to perform yours. Their annual conferences are very insightful and interactive with sessions to bounce new ideas, propose changes and learn.
Billing reports were not the easiest to understand, initially. Though, a little training helped.


August 2018


Parks Motors

Office practicum has proved to be a great decision for our practice. The software has a neatly laid out interface. It's easy to use. You can easily keep track of tasks that physicians need to perform which helps to stay more organized and to define the workflow.
It’s kind of annoying they always require to install the latest update to be able to make the best of all the features.

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Call us at

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