OncoEMR is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides electronic health records solutions specifically for Oncology practices. Flariton, the parent company of OncoEMR, has made considerable advancements in the Oncology EHR market, addressing complicated issues like dosage management requirements in this field by delivering powerful oncology-specific EMR service. The software also supports seamless integration with third-party services such as inventory management, labs, PMs, and RIS (Radio Information Systems).

The SaaS-based model aims to provide oncologists with full suite system with practice management, PQRS reporting, integrated SureScript certified e-prescribing, regimen management, visit notes, clinical benchmarking, and more features under the same mainframe. A patient portal, SeeMyChart.com is also offered for patients to easily access all of their records, billing, and appointments remotely at any time.

OncoEMR Pricing: OncoEMR does not display pricing information on their website. Please click the “Get Pricing” button to request a customized quote.

OncoEMR pros: Seamless support for MIPS and OCM (Oncology Care Module). Oncology-specific workflows deliver efficient and quick results to optimize clinical decisions and reduce costs.  There is no hassle of desktop installations, installing & maintaining servers or upgrading systems.

OncoEMR cons: The lab report module is not the easiest to navigate through.


Support: Support can be reached via round the clock active helpline.

OncoEMR Software

OncoEMR Software reviews

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Bio Morin Health Center


February 2019

It is a good tool

OncoEMR is a good tool. It is simple to use, and the patient ledger is amazing.

There are no other options for its reports or forms.



1,001-5,000 employees

December 2018


Our office staff did not have much trouble getting used to this EMR. It is easy to use, and we were able to switch from screen to screen easily and effortlessly. This tool is pretty easy for our physicians as well and they are able to set up appointments on their own. The patient information is in a readable manner and it also provides historical information in a logical format.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this product yet, we’re still in the early launch process and everything is going pretty smooth.


Dimmick Laughlin Dermatology


September 2017


It is easy to use the software. I really like how user-friendly it is. It has many features like practice management, electronic medical record, scheduler, etc.

We can’t change the activities in the treatment plan once they have been approved which is something that I really don’t like, as to make changes we have to first unapproved it and then change it and then again have to approve it which is pretty time-consuming.

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