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OPUS: An ideal solution for Behavioral Health Providers

OPUS is an integrated suite of EHR services geared towards the existing problems of behavioral health and addiction treatment institutions. This reliable product comes with all bells and whistles that a behavioral health provider may need. Also, it features a budget-friendly solution that will make your practice grow by achieving consistency and sustainability. 

What does OPUS offer to its clients?

You can have it all up your sleeves, from sleek EHR service for digitizing patient workflow to robust telehealth service for delivering optimal patient care remotely. With OPUS by your side, you can now customize your treatment plans to the bottom line to treat all patients with excellence. Additionally, its real-time data insights will streamline your clinical workflow to boost your clinical efficiency. 

OPUS offers a powerful built-in e-prescribing tool seamlessly integrated with patient records. It is a fully authorized system compliant with DEA, so you can safely prescribe medications. E-prescribe for controlled substances with minimal chance of drug dosage error as you can consult patients’ progress notes, charts, and lab results all accessible in one place.

Above all, this robust EHR service provider helps to engage patients with its patient feedback program and Outcome Measurement Tool. It will let you track your patient’s progress and satisfaction according to personalized metrics. OPUS also features a comprehensive treatment approach to pinpoint your flaws and modify your treatment plans accordingly. All these capabilities will ultimately enhance your patient engagement experience.

Here’s a brief look into the software’s noteworthy features and service highlights:

Medication Management

OPUS Behavioral EHR offers a powerful medication management utility that streamlines and simplifies the tracking of pharmaceuitcals, making sure prescriptions are easily accessible to every team member. It makes it easy for providers and care coordinators to track prescribed medications, manage patients’ compliance levels, as well as document responses to medication therapy. 

This capability is critical in providing quality patient care, ensuring accurate monitoring of dosages, reactions and medical responses. 

OPUS EHR also gives users the ability to analyze trends in real-time and quickly make decisions based on those results—saving both time and effort by eliminating manual data extraction tasks. 

Nursing Rounds Documentation

OPUS EHR's nursing rounds documentation features are designed to improve patient safety and provide clinicians with accurate documentation. This facility enables a single nurse to visit multiple patients while documenting the patient-clinician interaction without having to use separate forms. These digital notes, further, can be easily tracked, adding efficiency to the process. 

Additionally, the OPUS EHR user-friendly disposition toward data makes it an easy implement even for medical staff who are not tech-savvy.

Recovery Coaching Rounds Documentation

OPUS EHR provides an innovative feature access–different from many field competitors–in the form of recovery coaching rounds documentation, equipped to record round-by-round updates from the patients’ recovery journey. 

Not only does OPUS allow users to summarize meetings and update interventions or identify new goals or objectives, it also helps them track progress over time, providing nurses and clinicians with greater insight into each individual's unique treatment path.
Concurrent Review Planning/Record-Keeping
The platform offers extensive concurrent review planning and documentation capabilities that can be adapted to any organization's workflow. This ensures the most efficient and accurate granting of authorization requests. 

These features provide incredible transparency throughout the process, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of decisions right away and allowing for necessary adjustments once authorization has been approved or denied. 

Streamlined UB-04 Billing 

OPUS Behavioral EHR delivers an indispensable component of the patient-provider relationship: UB-04 billing capabilities. This offering eliminates administrative load and inefficiency from your practice by streamlining billing processes. 

In addition to UB-04 completion, OPUS supports a number of claims-related services including HIPAA 5010 compliance, 837 electronic claim filing, batch start and stop for ease of use in multiple locations, EOB support for faster reconciliation, and real-time eligibility checks to ensure timely payments. 

Level-of-Care Step Down

The EHR, as a further, important addition to it care portfolio, provides clinicians with the capability of managing level-of-care step-downs. 

This advanced feature allows providers to adjust client treatments and access vital information quickly, eliminating any need for manual forms and providing a streamlined approach to client management. 

Specifically, these features provide clinicians with the ability to quickly assess whether a patient requires hospitalization, outpatient care, or a lower level of care such as self-guided management. Following this mediated appraisal, the software helps organizations keep on top of dynamic client needs at all levels of care, ensuring that every patient is receiving the most appropriate level of services tailored to their individual needs.

Utilization Review

OPUS Behavioral offers a powerful utilization review feature that allows users to better measure and manage services provided for the purpose of improving overall care outcomes. The option enables the tracking of authorizations and claims, highlighting unpaid claims and over-billing situations in real time, so organizations can improve financial performance without compromising patient care. 

This comprehensive view into practice operations is key to allowing well-run organizations to remain competitive while delivering top-notch behavioral health services. 

OPUS EHR's utilization review feature is built to adapt to the needs of any sized practice, streamlining documentation and making data-driven decisions easy.

Discharge Planning

OPUS Behavioral EHR provides a comprehensive discharge planning feature as an essential part of delivering quality patient care. This empowers clinicians and administrative staff to document information about follow-up care, specific referrals, provide contact information for community resources and medication refill assistance, as well as connect to regional EHR systems for unified data access. 

OPUS also offers virtual care coordination services that allow practitioners to stay in touch with patients after discharge, monitor patient progress over time, and provide support when needed. 

The software, as such, is revolutionizing the way providers manage aftercare needs by empowering its users with the tools necessary to facilitate efficient and effective transition of care plans.

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